There’s Something About Those Things

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There’s Something About Those Things

What exactly am I talking about? Zombies. I’ll say it again: Zombies! And again:……. ZOMBIES!

That word appears more in that sentence than it does in my entire ‘zombie’ novel Affliction due out later this year ( One must admit that there’s something intriguing enough about a fictional apocalyptic setting in which dead people walk the earth that it causes a massive following of its own. Survivor sites, pro-zombie sites, you name it- it’s out there.

There’s been more than 100 movies (large and small budget) dedicated to the genre, currently one major cable network TV show (The Walking Dead- in case you’ve been dead) that’ll be airing again in October for its 5th season on AMC, and a ton of books written about it from a fictional and non-fictional standpoint. Here are a few of my favorites:

“Autumn” by David Moody

“The Zombie Survival Guide” by Max Brooks

“World War Z” by Max Brooks (the movie was good too!)

There are a ton of other great zombie books but to the novice reader on the subject those would be my absolute recommendations for getting started. I’ll admit I’m not a total zombie junkie but this girl does appreciate a good read or movie experience. Again, there’s something about delving into the experience of humanity on the brink. The zombie itself comes with infinite mystery as many want to know what is really going on, what it actually sees, hears and smells- his or her’s life before the apocalyptic event, etc. Theoretically, it only has a small portion of brain activity in the brain stem but there’s always someone struggling to come to terms with the zombie’s dangerous and diminished capacity. On the other hand the survivor and their orientation into a new and dangerous world must always present with threats from the living as well as the dead. No storyline would be successfully created (or interesting) without both factors.

Personally I wonder where all the stuff goes that the zombies eat. I never see them using the restroom and their stomachs should hang much further out based on the amount they successfully gobble up- but that’s another topic for another time…

I read something a long time ago that there are many correlations to the apocalyptic zombie realm. Many feel it relates to the financial ruin that affects the masses, others say it relates to war and other political means. To me it’s just entertainment but then again the CDC pointed out a few years ago that we all should be prepared for a zombie outbreak because the needs would be similar if the country were attacked or if there was a natural disaster or flu outbreak. Apparently the knowledge and skills for the fictional world (sans inflicting the head trauma) runs parallel to actual real world events.

You absolutely have to tell me if you’ve read anything worthy of recommendation related to zombies. For now I say keep reading and stay prepared! (Chuckles).


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