A Couple Hundred Books

Photo courtesy of Google images

I have at least that many.

I’ve owned perhaps at least a thousand but there’s a rule in our house- designed specifically for me, that I cannot continue to accumulate massive amounts of books. The ones I read from now on, unless there’s something profound I must donate them or give them to someone else I know. After all, books are meant to be read. For 90% of them I’ve done just that. These are mostly pop culture, autobiographies, Eastern Religious/ Philosophy and anything zombie related. I read those within one week of purchase. The other 10% I’ve promised myself I’d read once I have the free time or perhaps when I win the lotto and can pursue a life of leisure.

Reminder to self: I have to actually play the lottery. That 10% is for the reading I ‘ll do while I sip mojitos on my yacht.

Here’s where I’ll read. Photo courtesy of Google images.

I believe the fascination over reading is quite usual for the average adult human being. I know plenty of people who consistently read at least one book every couple of days. Those are folks that any author would appreciate! Sooner or later they’ll read yours and if they like it they buy more. I both appreciate and envy them because they’ll choose a book/novel over the TV and computer any day.   

Under the suggestion of the Daily Post here on WP followers were asked if there was a book we would read all over again, which one would it be? My answer would probably be The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff. It’s an Eastern Philosophy (Taoist) book that basically says everybody has a personality that matches up with one of the personalities of the characters in Winnie the Pooh. It’s detailed and yet an easy read and can be purchased as a 2-book set along with The Te of Piglet, which uses the Taoist perspective to define the virtues of the cartoon’s series’ smallest character but who also has the most heart.  Here’s the Amazon Link:


Which book of yours would you reread?



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