Admiring What’s Around You

Oliver taking me on a walk!


This is not one of those ‘A-ha!’ moment posts because I know we’re all wise enough to take the time out of our busy lives and just breathe a second. This is one of those posts to honor what we’ve (hopefully) always have done or have learned to do at some point. No need for the valuable lesson intervention here.

I’m in Minneapolis and if you’re anywhere nearby you know the kind of day I’m talking about. It’s nothing but sunshine, temps in the 70’s and low humidity or in other words b-e-a-utiful outside. Today’s my day off from work and it started off as quite the otherwise. An 8am phone call from my mother’s work telling me to meet them at the hospital because she had a glass partition fall and hit her in the face and she bleeding profusely. Frantic. Two hours later after being stitched up we’re back home and thankful as ever because of the “could’ve beens” were nothing short of devastating.  

While Mom rested I took my dog on a walk (hence the picture above) and while I was thankful for everything I saw there, I was innately thankful for everything I am and I’ve seen today, yesterday and lest I forget, tomorrow. Hopefully you’ll take the time today and be thankful for what’s around you, too.

There’s nothing like a walk by the lake.


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