Book Reviews (Should I do them?)


An interesting proposal came across my mind today. Maybe I should do book reviews. There seems to be a vast amount of reviewers on WP but many of them were either backlogged for months, worked in very specific genres or had very stringent requests that made them appear to automatically hate a person’s title before they actually made arrangements to have it read.

I’ve taken many writing-intensive courses, including creative writing and in class several people always approached me to get my opinion on their essays and poems and whatnot. Hey, I’m not a professor but I’d gladly read over someone’s novel and give a review based on content and storyline. I’d gladly do light editing BUT my grammar proficiency tends to change as does the day.  After editing my own works in progress on some days it looks as if I barely passed any writing course. Other days, I could teach English Writing. 

What do you all think? Does the world need another book reviewer?   

Photo courtesy of Google images

Photo courtesy of Google images


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