The Jury (In My Mind) is In, I Will Now Do Book Reviews!

Photo courtesy of Google images- but I still would like to review your title!

Photo courtesy of Google images- but I still would like to review your title!


After doing some thinking over the last few days (and a lot of Google searches on the subject) I have chosen to take on this lovely task. Why? Because as several prior comments have pointed out, the world could always use more book reviewers. 

I am a writer, though I work full time at a hospital- I enjoy reading too. I prefer this method of entertainment more so than I enjoy TV/movies. I believe I’m qualified through my reading experience (the audience another writer would want to appeal to the most) but I also have experience writing as I’ve completed my first novel, Affliction due out this fall ( and I’m currently working on the sequel (50% complete).

The kind of topics I’d like to review for content (not grammar editing) would vary. I’m not particular to any kind of reading- just as long as it’s good reading and I’m more enlightened or entertained on the subject than I was before I knew it existed. I would probably cover 1 book per week and I’d be willing to let you know the 3 following things:

      -What I like about the story you’re telling.

      -What I don’t like about the story you’re telling (is there room for improvement from a reader’s perspective).

      -Would I recommend this title to someone else (I have a big mouth when it comes this kind of stuff!)

My goal here is not to bash unnecessarily. I give great advice and I’m willing to take the time out of my life to do this for complete strangers for free.

I’d like to grow my audience so that’s the return I’m getting. Nothing more. I’ll be willing to post these reviews to my friends on Twitter, Facebook and here on WP on this blog- combined with over 2500 people and growing and to other formats as I develop them. I believe that books are not as competitive as cars and homes; people can buy more than one or two at a time!

The formats I’d be willing to accept?

I’d love an ARC (advanced reader copy) but I realize that’s not always possible so an Adobe Reader version may just work out. I’d prefer individuals who are currently signed with a publisher but for now I will keep self published folks in mind. Show me what you’ve got! 

If you’re interested in my opinion please email me at:   

Any questions? Comments? Let me know here in the comments section. I’ll gladly revise this as I go along. I look forward to hearing from you!

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Photo courtesy of Google images.



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