Is Blogging a Part of Your Social Life?



I guess I mean to ask, Can blogging be an equal part of everyone’s social life? I know of more people who aren’t actively on the blog scene- nor do they read them versus the ones that do take part in this realm of socializing. It would seem to me that the same number of folks that have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media would be also equally engaged and familiar with blogging themselves.

I don’t dare want to say that blogging is an anti-social activity but the people I’ve run into to ask them about their opinions still seem to have the idea that blogging is a minor, specialized thing that only a few folks take part in with their readership/following in the millions.

For some this is true.

I guess I’d like to ask everyone who reads this if they spend more time blogging (reading or creating them), on social media sites (Facebook/Twitter) or actually interacting with people face to face?





2 responses to “Is Blogging a Part of Your Social Life?

  1. Until recently, I would have to say that I spent more time on Facebook than any other social media outlet. A few weeks ago I deactivated my Facebook account and began focusing more on blogging. Although I’ve been reading more that writing, the purpose is to get more writing done.

  2. I agree! Facebook used to be the place for everyone to socialize- they even gave MySpace the boot as people seemingly preferred a simple and ‘uniform’ platform to share their lives on.
    I feel the same most days, wanting to de-activate my account but honestly it’s easier to communicate with everyone there that I personally know with a few key stokes versus picking up the phone to call (maybe it’s the dial tone of the landline or the complete dialing silence of the cell phone that repels me?). WP is the premier place for authors and bloggers it seems- though there are one or two other sites that would suit a writer just fine! Lots of writing can be done here. Plus I’m definitely learning that most writers are the best people in the world! 🙂

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