The Peace of Being at Home

Photo courtesy of Google images

Photo courtesy of Google images


I’m sitting here, day off from work, on this nice Thursday afternoon and I can’t help but admire how much I enjoy being at home. I’m never usually sitting for long because there are always a ton of things to do. You know -laundry, cleaning, cooking, writing, dog walking, dog petting, dog admiration. Yes my dog runs things quite well.

My job sucks. It’s employment but I long for the days where I enjoy what I do for a living. This is why time away from work is so valuable and precious and ahhh, seemingly short-lived.

I’ve been reading Oprah’s new book, “What I Know For Sure” (I’ll do a full review on that in the next day or so) and catching up on some other readings. I’ve been trying to look into the key elements of success and happiness because after seeing what’s on the news let’s face it- we all could use a session or two on being/staying eternally happy.

Is there a book on this subject you’d recommend?

For now I’ll just enjoy the peace and quiet inside my own 4 walls and savor these moments.





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