NFL… No where to go but up?

The most peaceful part of the player, right here. Photo courtesy of Google images.

The most peaceful part of the player, right here. Photo courtesy of Google images.


I know you’ve heard the news the past few days regarding the different stories coming out regarding the players of the National Football League. I don’t know about you but I’m disappointed. This latest story regarding Adrian Peterson and his child abuse is especially uncomfortable because I live in Minneapolis and up until the last year or so we held him in the highest regard. He seemed like an all-around nice guy. Off the field, his charitable activities were just as commendable as his on the field ‘always MVP’ player attitude. The guy always managed to put some points on the board.

I won’t even go into the Ray Rice incident because who feels like re-living that mess. To hear that the NFL covered this up for so long in hopes of minimizing the PR damage is disgusting. I remember seeing these images in June or July but nothing more was said or done…. Hmm…

This makes me wonder.

While I know that there are creeps and violent offenders who work in just about every field there is- especially the high-end income fields. Why does the sports industry seem to almost protect these individuals? As I suggested earlier AP began to fall out of favor last year when it was reported that he’s fathered as many as 7 children with as many women who work in less desirable/ admirable fields: Strippers. Nevertheless, the media and AP’s employers and endorsers keep on as if nothing is questionable.

Mind you, this is the guy your children and nephews look up to.

Again, I’m not judging. No one is perfect. It’s seems though that there is probably a lot more going on that we as fans and outsiders probably aren’t aware of. There is a lot more that is likely being kept out of the public eye. I remember similar circumstances surrounding Ben Rothlisberger and Brett Favre. These individuals are responsible for a large portion of the revenue the NFL receives, they are coveted until law enforcement is forced to step in- which is often way after the fact.

So as we sit around and watch our football games tomorrow (or not), my mind is now more centered on the way these highly paid players represent their image, their brand outside of the stadium versus the blocks they perform or the points they put on the board. I’m not a huge supporter of the NFL anyways but it is worthwhile I feel to perhaps begin to write letters and emails to demand the NFL continue to expect the highest ethical and moral behaviors from their employees. Act up, lose your job. That is all.

What do you think about this?


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