What Truly Makes You Happy (A Question)

Blog picture happiness


There is a lot going on in the world these days. Actually, there always has been. With the constant streaming of breaking news and daily news which was freshly pressed right after midnight we’re constantly inundated- often more so with bad news. This on top of all of what you know to be going on in your life and the lives of your friends in addition to what you’ve already found out (we’ll call it history)- I want to chat about what really makes a person (you) happy through/after it all.

There’s quick happiness: The “I got a free cup of coffee because I’ve purchased 9 already,” and then there’s the long term happiness: The “Though things are not perfect in my life- I’ve got a roof over my head with the will to make it a mansion- if only in my mind,” type of mindset that often takes years (and tons of therapy) to acquire.

I also know that it’s not possible for everyone to be happy all the time. I’ve decided that the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams was at first a good song but soon after drove me nuts because I didn’t want to even hear about being happy more than once a day (believe me, the radio stations wore the thing out like they do other top 20 songs). Though in my heart and on most days I find it important to find happiness in something. I’m a brain aneurysm survivor so in general on that level means finding happiness automatically- even when there are no signs or reasons for it.

What is your something?

Is it your spouse or boy/girl friend? Is it your children or pets or friends? Is it your books/kindle/writing/painting? Is it your willingness to be of service to someone else when they don’t expect it?


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