I love this kind of thinking. There are a bunch of true-to-life quotes I can think of;
“Dance like no one else is watching.”
“In the world of sharks, it’s okay to be a tuna. Why? Because Tuna’s still exist and they do their own thing regardless of the predators.”

That last one is one I just came up with because, let’s face it- in this world one has to be innovative and persistent to reach their biggest goals. Everyone has seen every type of product and individual there is- so our challenge is to break the mold in a good way.
We all have people who cast an especially dark shadow on the lives that we live. Those people can be your parents or they can be someone you simply pass on the street. It’s your job and focus to know that at the end of the day you get into your bed and rest your own eyes and mind, not theirs. If you are truly doing some good and truly living this short life we have, I say let go of the power of their opinions. Plain and simple.


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