Sometimes There’s Nothing (Contentment). Thanks!


Yes, indeed sometimes there’s just bliss and readership among the blogger who’s supposedly supposed to be writing all the time. Heh! I say good writing is 30% writing, 40% reading, and 30% thinking (or any combination thereof just as long as it includes the three). I’d even add a 4th component to the mix: living. I don’t know about you but I have a ‘day’ job and quite the demanding home life too. Add actual book writing and other ‘side’ stuff and I run out of time more often than I’d like to admit. Anyways as I digress…

Instead of strictly blogging about what was on my mind for my sites: The Write Perspective and Author Dottie Daniels here on WP, I wanted to spend the time I allocate every few days or so instead for blogging- solely for reading/commenting on other WP sites that I follow (sans the tiny blog here). If there’s a good site you can recommend please comment below as I love perspective and quietly spending time reading about the lives of others I wouldn’t otherwise meet in person.

This post is for these guys: Thanks for entertaining me and allowing me to be filled in on your daily activities and thoughts. They are important because I find myself thinking about similar (if not the same) things! Kudos to you, I say and keep me posted!


4 responses to “Sometimes There’s Nothing (Contentment). Thanks!

  1. I have to agree with this post. You can’t really have it ‘set in stone’ so to speak, that you will blog all of the time, whilst juggling a full time job, other hobbies and other social activites etc. Sometimes you need to sit down and relax spending a bit of time seeing what other people have to say as well. I like the writing, reading, thinking and living ratio, what made you choose those percentages?

    • Thanks! I notice that the people who have a huge following blog multiple times a day- which is great for blogging purposes because who wouldn’t want to follow someone capable of putting out lots of great content. I envy them! 🙂
      I don’t know where I came up with those exact percentages, lol. Probably ranked them in order of importance at the moment. At this moment I feel good writing is 40% writing, 25% reading, and 35% thinking, lol! I’ll recalculate these factors again in the morning!

      • Not a problem. That is a very good point, I envy them for having the time and constant ‘bloggable’ content to put out there. It’s a good percentage rate, which I would imagine is ever changing. I’m going to have a look through some of your other blogs, and I’m also planning on reading your books blurb at some point today as I’m a fan of zombie related literature!

  2. Of course you’re more than welcome to read through my blog (I’ll always do the same for yours) 🙂 I enjoy reading the blogs I follow and there aren’t too many- so I’m always looking forward to new posts.
    You just gave me a subject to blog about tonight: Affliction!
    Seeing how we’re moving into the season of Halloween I’ve been trying to post often about zombie related topics because Christmastime thereafter seems less appropriate (Zombie Santa/elves?). Lol.

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