Oh No, I’m Becoming One of THOSE People!

Oh NO! Photo courtesy of Google images

Oh NO! Photo courtesy of Google images


Ever remember how when you were little you swore you’d never do certain things that you saw older people do- then only after so many years you find yourself doing those exact particular things?

Today I was at the gas station and there were some pre-teen kids there buying the usual unhealthy, sugar filled snacks. They weren’t doing anything too bad- just the occasional swear word and the multiple trips to the counter to fill up their bag. Suddenly they started just placing their money on the counter and telling the attendant what they already put in the bag.

My lecture alarm went off.

I went into ‘old person’ mode and begin to tell them all the things they did wrong and how these little consumers should conduct business while at the store- much like their mother would or should’ve done (though the only child I have has 4 legs).

“Yes Ma’am.” Was their response, once I finished.

I’m not old enough to be “ma’am” yet but for all intents and purposes my point was made. Still, how did I get so old as to give a damn about this kind of stuff? I sit here thinking about this now as my inner young-self rolls her eyes and giggles at the irony.

I suppose the world won’t get any worse if I do actually show concern about these little things. Too often the public is only concerned about themselves and no one pays attention to help out today’s youth who truly tend to be lost in this overwhelming world.

As long as I don’t get too preachy, I suppose what I did was okay (laugh).

What are your thoughts? Are you becoming similar to what you agreed you wouldn’t?


6 responses to “Oh No, I’m Becoming One of THOSE People!

    • You got that right! I just don’t want to become one of those cranky old people that complain about everything. Although I’m only 35 (which is equivalent to a fossil to some) I want to keep those behaviors in check way ahead of time! 🙂

  1. I know exactly what you mean! Sitting at a stoplight and this kid pulls up beside me with his music blarring. I wanted to tell him that he’s going to blow his ear drums out before he turns 25 if didn’t turn that crap imitation of hip hop down. I had to laugh at myself after I pulled off, because of the fit of rage I had just thrown myself into. I do remember being fussed at for blarring some of the best hip hop of all time from the speakers of my first car.

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