13 Million?

Clooney and Alamuddin are hitched! Photo courtesy of Google images.

Clooney and Alamuddin are hitched! Photo courtesy of Google images.


While I don’t usually chat about wealthy celebrities because I feel they live a life that a wage slave such as myself can’t even fathom, I felt I would briefly (very briefly) cover this.

In case you live under the proverbial rock (like I do most times) George Clooney and his fiancée Amal Alamuddin got married earlier today in Italy. That’s right, old George’s playboy days are now over! The former Ms. Alamuddin is now Mrs. Clooney! I was watching some programs on DVR and they covered a segment about the lavish pre-ceremonial parties as well as the guest list and how the ceremony itself spares no expense.

What stuck in my mind though was the staggering price tag for this wedding. As the title mentioned, it was going to cost around $13,000,000.00 for this weekend to remember. Mind you, guests will be staying at the finest hotel in Venice (Cipriani Hotel), dining on the finest foods (tequila was main liquor) and all the usual fare that comes with a $13,000,000.00 price tag.

They better stay together for eternity.

My disdain is not about the money that was spent because obviously George and his lovely bride can afford it. From what I’ve seen of him lately he’s a nice guy and Amal seems to be of an equal caliber. They even seem to be truly in love with each other (which is most helpful in a ‘Hollywood’ marriage). My problem is how much weddings cost in general.

I’ve never been married, so forgive me.

According to Google, the average cost of a wedding is over $25,000 here in the US. Though many people spend much more and many people spend much less, that’s equivalent to half of the median income of US households according to the census. In other words, the Clooney-Alamuddin event this weekend was equal to the average cost of 520 weddings or the yearly incomes of nearly 255 households.

Should I ever get married, in addition to marital vows, I vow to have a nice cake. The cake will be the focal point cause who doesn’t like a beautiful cake, right? Besides that feature everything else will be standard.

I vow to request that depending on the season everyone will be required to have on lounge attire. Sweatpants? Fine with me. Yoga pants and a loose-fitting t-shirt? Sure thing. My only request is that the attire isn’t riddled with holes. For goodness sake, do go out and buy some new lounge wear for my gathering!

I’ll also request that you bring your own chair but I’ll put it in tiny print somewhere inconspicuous on the invitation just to see who paid attention. Just to see who will sit and who will stand at my wedding event. There will be a volunteer photographer and there will be pictures of this.

Sorry but there won’t be any boat rides to any nice private island for my wedding. Nope. Just a backyard affair and afterward some of those meatballs in BBQ sauce, and a few other tasty but not wallet-breaking hors d’oeuvres.

Don’t forget my beautiful cake.

I’m kidding about all the cheapness, but after seeing all these over-the-top celebrity marriages only to hear about them divorcing quicker than Sunday goes to Monday is nothing short of disappointment.

Again, I wish the happy couple decades of happiness.

$13,000,000.00 is a lot of money.


3 responses to “13 Million?

  1. I think you have to also keep in mind that in relation to the income that George and Amal earn combined, 13 mil probably has about the same wedding cost-income ratio that 25k has to the average American. But I agree, it is painfully extravagant and could’ve definitely be done for much, MUCH less I’m sure. And for two people who seem so more or less “sensible” (especially the latter), it’s hard to believe they would find that expenditure appropriate. Ah, they really must be in love ;). On that note, I hope the guests are having diamonds for dessert and sleeping on magical clouds at that hotel.
    xxo Carly

    • You got that right! They can definitely afford it! Again, I’m not bashing them but with my “poor man’s mind” I’d being trying to rent out the whole planet for that amount. Everybody should be required to enjoy my wedding cake on that day for $13 million, lol! Yes AND diamonds would be included in the meal, hehe.

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