A Quick Halloween Blessing From Me

Photo courtesy of Google images

Photo courtesy of Google images


Sadly I work this evening so I’ll miss the opportunity for the visits by the neighborhood kids dressed in costume. I love thanking them with pre-filled bags of candy. We’ve live in this house for 15 years now and the amount of children varies greatly from year to year. Some years we get zero while others we’ve given out at least 50 bags.

Needless to say, this year we’re still prepared.

I’ve loved Halloween ever since I was a kid and remember going to parties and running around with friends all dressed up. I hope you have similar good memories and are able to make this day a fun one for the children of your neighborhood. It’s easy- all you need is candy. Decorations make for a better experience but at the end of the day- the fullness of the candy bag is really all that matters, right?

Photo courtesy of Google images

Photo courtesy of Google images

While I don’t assume everyone who reads this actually celebrates this day- I’m hoping you’ll at least savor the moments of today before we all become bombarded with Christmas shopping ads that’ll likely start tomorrow. I was in CVS last night and saw the store clerks preparing the store already. Today will be the last day I’ll see Michael Myers, Jason, Freddie Krueger and every other televised serial killer of the American teenager being run back-to-back for awhile.

Either way, enjoy today!

Photo courtesy of Google images

Photo courtesy of Google images


Missed Opportunities


Just thought I’d check in and say hello to you all. I hope your blogs and internet lives have been well these past days. As for me, I’ve been working (hard) at my ‘day’ job and trying to muster whatever energy that’s left of the day to continue writing my 2nd novel- as well as prepare for Affliction. My publisher has assured me that within the next week the ARC (advance reader copy) should be ready. I’ve been using my free time to look up various book reviewers so that I might approach them about a review (more on that later because if you’d like to do a review- I’d be overjoyed to let you do so).

In other words: I’m trying not to freak out about my dreams of a book release finally becoming true.

I want the best for my Affliction (ha ha). I want everything to emerge ‘A-Okay’ so that when I do the inevitable and look back to reflect, the regret list will be superbly short. I have had friends in the past read it and tell me how nice of a book it is and it floors me that they think of it as such. I’m still truly humbled that I could possibly entertain someone with a book. Not that I’m saying my writing is horrible or anything- I’m just amazed by the kindness I’ve received thus far as a result of it.

Well, moving on…

The title of my blog indeed suggests the topic of something missed. Today as it relates to me, I passed up the opportunity for a job interview for what would be a lateral move to another hospital doing a similar job. This is just for now anyway because instead of moving to a new environment to do basically the same job duties- I’d rather stay where I am and put more focus on the possibilities of becoming an author, full-time (one can dream, right?). The spirit of entrepreneurship is on me in a way that’ll make a jockey at the Kentucky Derby a little jealous.  If I could put forth half of the energy I put forth in my paid work toward my own authorship- it’d make for an awesome experience for myself and any reading audience. I’m sure other writers that have day jobs feel the same way. In that subject, you guys are like my brothers and sisters. I say we keep moving forward to our dreams.

I ask you now. What opportunities have you missed out on that you’d like to tell me about? Do you feel better off or worse because of it?

I might as well be sitting across from you at coffee table having this discussion because I am curious. 🙂

Ten Reasons Why I Dislike Public Transport (buses in particular)

Last year when I was engaging in my civic duties on jury duty I rode public transportation because who wants to pay $20 to park downtown when they’re only being paid $10 a day? While on the bus I saw the cutest baby with the roundest, large brown eyes I’d ever seen being held by her mother as we stood together. She also had a nose filled with green fluid. This put me on notice. The bus was crowded and I was standing approximately one and a half feet from her as this bundle of joy sneezed and cough for most of the three mile journey until my stop.
Fast forward three days, when jury duty is over:

I’m sicker than a group of dogs and though it’s April and our ground is still mostly covered with a small layer of snow- I want desperately to use whatever energy I have left to dig my own grave in the back yard. When I slept I could not breath, when I was awake I could not breath. My nose was hot and my throat ached like never before. Every strand of hair on my head sent pain signals to my brain. My body ached and worst of all I was never selected for jury duty. I will never forget the little baby girl that gave me what I was sure was another close encounter with death.

That Random Girl- Daily

I am not one to moan but I really do not like taking buses. Of course at this time, my choice is very limited but hopefully not for long.

Sorry Brian Souter. However, I’m sure we all understand that when a product or service is introduced, not everyone will love it, so I am simple one of the many people that does not like taking buses. While I do not mind taking the train or tram, it is predominantly because trains and trams have a completely different atmosphere to that of buses. 

So here are my ten reasons (in no particular order) as to why I dislike taking the bus: 

1) Aggressive People- on the buses I take, there is always that one person who looks really angry. It makes the atmosphere awkward and gives me an uneasy feeling, especially as the bus is always very compact. 

2) Staring people- you tend…

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Poetry Post


I’ve been reading a ton of poetry posted here as well as on other sites. I love throwing poems in my reading mix whenever I don’t have the time or desire to read something that’s more than a few pages long at the time. Poetry of course tends to tell a story very quickly and for this, I’m grateful. I’d like to think most writers have some poetry of their own without officially adding ‘poet’ to their writing resumes.

Thanks to a creative writing class I took last year (which I enjoyed) I was able to shake out few pieces of my own. I’d like to share one with you if you aren’t too allergic to sappy stuff. Seriously, at the time I’d just went through a break-up from which I thought we’d live happily ever after. Our relationship was only a few months long but I’d known of him since I was in high school long ago. Anyways, I’m completely over him and in fact, I’m able to find this poem funny now.

We cannot laugh at others if we’re unable to laugh at ourselves, right?

Okay, no offense to anyone going through a break-up right now. I hope you too can laugh (and love again) soon. 3, 2, 1:


To this day, he still sits in my once-very broken heart.

Probably in one of my main arteries, like bad cholesterol.

Acting up only so often when I see something,

Or hear something,

Or smell something.

Reminiscent of those days with him.


I’d easily answer, “I’m over him,” if you ask.

Never though is it easy to get a series of experiences

Out of one’s mind,

Out of one’s artery.

Tried to cry him out many times

Nearly coughed up my lung instead.

In my heart, there he sits, unaffected

waiting patiently in a crevice

until I was alone or until I see another couple.

Hand in hand. And it starts again.


No amount of happy, no prescription

Neither dream, nor reality can heal this

It’s been months- I’m questioning time’s ability

of what it’s supposed to do

Heal my heart, fade him

to the backdrop where every heartache is supposed to go.

In the meanwhile, perk up.

Try not to show signs of wear.

Hope that attack on my heart does not catch up with me.

Yeah, painful isn’t it? I hope all of your violins didn’t jump out of their cases and start playing all by themselves. I did enjoy creating this even though at the time it was a dreadful experience. Are there any poems or short stories that you’ve written that you’d like to share? If so, go ahead and blog about them and comment that you’ve done so- I’d love to have a look at them. 🙂