Are your expectations to

Not that I’ve ever had dramatic blowouts to end friendships- sorry, I’m not that interesting. I’ve had friendships come to a standstill (I won’t say ending) because of movement of interests basically. If I were to run into anyone again personally I’d have no problem in holding them to the same value I had them at before. Life goes on, though. People change, people move, people get new jobs, people are just people. There is no either or with me. If I knew you then- I still know you now, no foul. Life gets hectic on both sides of the coin. Live n’ let live, right?


I’ve been thinking about past friendships and relationships lately. What went wrong. Why they ended. Not for blame but to try and prevent making the same mistakes over and over. What keeps coming to mind is expectations. A lot of the friendships seemed to end due to mine or there expectations. Weather I expected to much from the friendship. If I needed things to be a certain way. If they didn’t want to see any change in me. Especially since I’ve been working to discover myself. In a way unrealistic expectations have lead to friendships ending. What I do know whom ever the person, I will not bend to their expectations to be a certain kind of person, I will be me and they need to be them. Not changing depending on who they are in the presences off at the time. For once I will stand tall to my…

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