It’s October… You Know What THAT Means!

Carve this! Photo courtesy of Google images

Carve this! Photo courtesy of Google images


I’m not referring to delicious homemade apple pie. I’m not even referring to the timing of which it may suggest it’s okay to break out that new Fall jacket you got back in July after Independence Day or whenever the stores released their Fall apparel. I may however, be making slight associations to candy and costumes- only because their main day is the last day of the month.

Enter the primetime of the Zombie Apocalypse Mindset: Would YOU survive?

I’m referring to the state of existence where suddenly things go awry with the human condition. The state where most everyone you may even be familiar with is now permanently, irrevocably changed. Parents, spouses, siblings, friends and neighbors will end up wanting you dead like them should you be nearby. They’ll want YOU to do what they do if they’ve managed to leave enough of you un-devoured. If they succeed at this, you’ll roam around like them, instinctively with just a tiny part of your cerebral function remaining to replicate the same process they did. You’ll decay. You’ll smell. You’ll look almost nothing like your former self. With those sunken, potassium-starved eyes, you won’t care though. Your priorities have now changed. You’ll be using your vision- however damaged to search for the movements of other live individuals. You’ll have nothing but time for this. Unless you are put down the proper way you too will carry the title: zombie.

I ask again: Could YOU survive?

This is the month for your imagination to run wild. It’s okay to be caught daydreaming about possible exit strategies wherever you happen to be at the time and stocking up while you’re at the grocery store- just for pretend. Go ahead, cause Winter is coming and you’ll use it up then anyway. It’s also a great time to read up on your survival skills and challenge yourself to become more physically fit. It’ll all help in the long run plus, if zombies ever rise you’ll know what to do.

Do you know where to go? Photo courtesy of Google images.

Do you know where to go? Photo courtesy of Google images.

Are there any other rituals you might find yourself doing this month? Let me know!

Courtesy of Google images.

Courtesy of Google images.


13 responses to “It’s October… You Know What THAT Means!

  1. Hallloween isn’t such a big deal in Europe as a holiday so it’s all a bit half-hearted. I’d love to experience a US halloween for comparison someday. However, I am constantly concerned about Zombie apocalypses, throughout the year, that I’ll often pass buildings and think ‘that would make a good zombie stronghold’ or see random things lying around and think ‘that could be used to destroy a zombie’s brains’

    • I think the same way too whenever I’m out somewhere! The mindset is a good one to have, though- not to obsess over but in case of any emergency it’s good to know your better options for food resources, shelter, etc. You definitely don’t want go straight to a cardboard box in a tornado. The same would apply for zombies. Lol.

      • That’s what I tell myself, no harm in being prepared. In the same way there was no harm in attendig the zombie survival day and learning to shoot!

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