Sunday Somedays

And YOUR day is? Image courtesy of Google images.

And YOUR day is? Image courtesy of Google images.


I don’t know about you but there’s something special to me about Sundays. I tend to feel a certain kind of way about every day of the week. Sunday is not my favorite day but nevertheless it has its own value that’s different from the others.

Sure, I could say, “Any day I’m off from work or on vacation is my favorite day,” but that’s a temporary mindset as your days off may change and that precious vacation is rare and few. These feelings about these days- what I’m talking about is consistent; week after week, month after month, year after year.

Sundays for me are the most mentally calm. Though some acknowledge Sunday as the first day of the week and others acknowledge it as the last, Sunday has almost a mid-week value for my life and my schedule. Surely I don’t want respite at the end of a hectic week and I don’t want it at the beginning. For both it seems too much to drudge through in order to get to.

Nope, Sundays are definitely mid-week for me.

My mind tends to be clearest this day. I work every other weekend and so my schedule changes slightly when it comes to personal and household tasks. I still feel the same though. Sundays are when I tend to have clarity and can write the most and be creative whereas the other times for that tend to be after midnight. On Sundays I can recharge. I can tackle Monday and Tuesday and let Wednesdays give me a little break to get through the rest of the week.

Sundays have nothing to do with religion for me. Personally, I feel any day can be the day to worship the God you have in mind.

These are just my little thoughts about the days we all hope to live through for a long time. Fridays tend to get all the glory as the start to the weekend but I want to know if you have a day of the week that seems more special to you than others?


7 responses to “Sunday Somedays

    • You got that right! Due to my every other weekend work schedule I have to use Sundays as a midweek break whenever I have them off or work them. The rest of the world tends to function differently so it helps to change my perspective on it. I tend to feel more energized and hopeful on Sundays- ‘reinforced’ is a good description for it!

      • Thanks- I had to work but that was okay with me. I spent my time there stocking and preparing for the week ahead. At home, I got to write a little bit (2nd novel) and of course hang out with my 11 year old pup, Oliver. It’s amazing how they are so dedicated to their owner’s schedules. My off time is truly HIS time, lol. I hope your Sunday was equally relaxing!

      • Sounds like fun! I know from my Eastern Religions course I took that there are a bunch of Hindu holidays that get celebrated. There’s definitely nothing wrong with that! Hope you and your family enjoyed yourselves 🙂

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