50 Followers! YES!


Seriously I’m soooo happy about that! Yeah, yeah, yeah- I know there are bloggers who have thousands and tens of thousands of names to look at whenever they go to their dashboard to see who’s interested in what they have to say. I know they’ve been blogging for a lot longer than I have and they deserve such a following by posting interesting and sometimes controversial opinions about sensitive topics. I also know that the idea of one person following them by now, no longer excites them, whatsoever.

Not me.

I really want to a cartwheel when I find out I have a new person who chooses to get an email every time I’ve written anything on WP. I do wish everyone of them well and nothing but complete, happy blogging experiences here- just by my sheer will for it alone. At 50 followers, these people still have tremendous value to me. They are numerically special. 50 sounds nice, doesn’t it?

(I’m reminded of the movie ‘300’ when the Spartans battled the Persians. I feel me and my 50 can do anything!)

Yeah, these guys! Courtesy of Google images

Yeah, these guys! Courtesy of Google images

I do want to offer a thanks to each of you. I’m the type of person some days who tell you not to stand near me unless you’d like a random hug out of nowhere or at least pleasant conversation from someone who cares more about ‘you’ than what you may be going through. Other days I’m not so much that way but looking forward to it. I hope my ’50’ are somewhat like that too and we’re making the world better in our own way.

Thank you. 🙂


124 responses to “50 Followers! YES!

  1. Congratulations on your fifty!! < 3 so every follower that you have is automatically emailed whenever you post? That's cool!

  2. But…But… the Spartans got all murdered and stuff. o.o

    *clicks follow button anyway and laughs in the face of danger*

    Congrats on your milestone. Hope you reach 100 soon!

    • Thanks Blackbird- I thought about the same thing, it’s the fight that’s the funnest anyway, right? I sincerely hope none of us ‘die’ in battle here. This is more like a playground: one can always come back full strength tomorrow. 🙂

  3. I know just how excited you feel. My following so far, is much smaller than yours however, I get very excited when I view my stats and see the visits I get from the different countries. The different flags that appear are inspirational to say the least… Enjoy!

    • Yes, Silent- I think the same thing. There are plenty of blogs and thankfully limitless opportunities to follow and interact with others. I learn so much and get plenty of perspective from otherwise complete strangers. WP has given us a forum to get so much from people we’d really never come into contact with in our usual activity.

  4. Congrats on your (now) 53! The excitement lasts much longer. I still get a happy charge every time I see my numbers go up and I’m a long way from having thousands and thousands of followers. 🙂

      • Thank you for that! And good luck to you too.
        I’m having fun with this blog, but I never expected to spend so much time on it. Its hard to keep up with it a lot of times. 😉

      • Yes it is but I think people understand- I know I certainly do after I reply to someone’s post 2 days after they wrote it and in turn, they reply to me 2 days after that. It’s cool, most of us have day jobs, housework, families and dinner to deal with. Hehe! After all, there is only 24hrs in one day.

      • Yep, I wish there were more, but then I’d probably just fill all those extra hours too. 🙂
        I’m lucky if I can keep it within 2 days. My email is getting totally out of control (NOT from the blogging- I only wish that was the reason!)

  5. If it were not for the fact my legs would give out if I tried to do any type of gymnastics, I would seriously being doing back flips for every follower. Unfortunately, I risk paralysis if I try to do that… I’ll stick with shaking a tail feather as my daughter calls it.

    • Lol, right? In my mind I’m on the Olympic team when it comes to that but yes- you and I both would require medical intervention acting out the joy. A grand ole smile does wonders though, don’t you agree? 🙂

      • Yes! Ha ha… Just looking at the girl at the circus yesterday doing contortionist stuff made my back hurt! I can’t imagine even trying to dump the cane for a back flip ROFL

    • Yes, like ‘theonlysup’ just commented, if you keep writing good stuff and posting it to various pages (Twitter, Google, etc.)- with the proper common tags, people are bound to find it. I am going to follow you and everyone else here who commented because I too want to be sure I support others. 🙂 I love reading what others have to say.

  6. First, I congratulate you on this very REAL accomplishment. Second, I happen to be watching, ‘300’ (and blogging) right this moment!

    Like you and many others, each person willing to give me and my blog another chance is a reason to celebrate…

    • Many thanks, and I know how happy you are about that! 100 is an exciting milestone. I would probably buy cupcakes or something- for real! I hope you continue to find happiness in your blog like I have. It’s almost an addiction- a healthy one though. 🙂

  7. couldn’t find the follow by email button on your site, so I just hit the wp follow button so you will be in my reader feed everytime you post 🙂

  8. I am so happy for you and I know how you feel! I just noticed a menu item called ‘trophies’ yesterday and I clicked on it, it said I had 50 followers! I was so happy! Obviously I don’t know much about WP yet but I’m getting there! ha ha.
    I saw your post through OM and I will follow for more, I’m glad you have warned someone about wordy comments as I love interacting. I also I tend to keep mine positive though 🙂

      • Good luck to you, 51 as I will follow and read….hope you have a GREAT time here, you find the enjoyment in the blogs others write and inspiration in your own…~!!

      • Can I double like this? Thank you- you are more like #90 after today and guess who’s in a euphoric state about it? ME, that’s who!
        You have a good evening and I look forward to your posts, Lady Lisa! 🙂

      • Me too, I know that tags are important. The more popular of a tag you use- the more people will see it. Also if you have Twitter or Facebook or use Google and LinkedIn be sure to connect your accounts that way every post will give other people you’re connected to the chance to see it.

      • Lol. Yeah there tends to be some kinda dry spells doesn’t there? No worries though- hopefully a nice gentlemen will come along. With no issues whatsoever. 🙂

      • Well I went through a divorce and then ya know a break up, so yeah no hurry to have a boy toy at my age, so yeah I hold out. But now you got me thinking about it, thanks a lot, I blame you…jk

      • Too funny. I’ve never been married but boy did I suffer a heartbreak last year. I’m dormant now still since. We sure can dream though, right? Not in a hurry for that mess again yet. Woo…

      • Yeah I make jokes, but I too am in no hurry, that’s what toys are for, hell hit up fitsofwit, her blogs rock and you can get groupon coupons for dildos, lmaooooooo~ yeah I had not been this/that heartbroken ever. It was awful. Jesus, how do we make it through?

      • I will check out that blog as well- thanks! Yeah I don’t know whether to be mad, sad or something else. I am beginning to be calm though. Never bitter. Life has so much more going on. You’d hate to experience it without that person but at the end of the day you figure you want to live it anyways. We deserve better and we will find it by doing so.

  9. Congratulations, that’s great news and definitely something to be proud of. Like you I get really excited every time I have a new follower and whilst I might dream of having thousands someday I hope even if that day comes I still get excited about every new follower that likes what I have to say enough to follow 🙂

  10. Congratulations! I just hit 15 and it seemed like the world to me. Now 50 is really special. You’re doing a great job. Okay make that 51… I just followed too.

  11. I think it’s quite different from FB. For me at least, retaining a degree of anonymity and not linking to other social media means that if someone follows me it’s because they see something they relate to or connect with, and it has absolutely nothing to do with any sense of duty or knowledge of me.
    And that’s a really important thing for me. Especially if I use this medium as a format for saying stuff that I would be too afraid to with people that know me for fear of consequences, like career impact and so on.
    And to know that there’s someone in some random place a couple of thousand miles away that’s interested in what you think is, well, amazing. Here’s to more followers for you and all that follow you.

    • That’s an interesting perspective! I think you’re the first person I’ve talked to yet that’s here for anonymity more so than anything else. There’s nothing wrong with that either. I tend to appreciate most viewpoints because I’ve lived in different parts of the U.S and people only learn and believe what’s best for their daily life. I agree too that there are some things that may be held against you if people actually know you via work, church, etc.

      • Also for me I like to write longer stuff that FB isn’t really the best medium for either. And if it’s a bit more esoteric or serious then I’d rather people who want to read it do so – which I think this is the best place for, since posts attract mostly only those who are looking for subject matter by tags or association, if that makes sense, rather than bombarding friends with stuff that might not be their ‘thing’ – like my attempts at ‘poems’ or stories or whatever! It’s a good test, if it’s crap then no one ‘likes’ it, whereas friends might feel obligated to…?

  12. This is why i follow OM, i love his reblogs and shares, it leads us to find awesome bloggers. This post was just so adorable to read, i felt the excitement falling off the screen it was so refreshing to read. Count me as a new follower!

    • Thanks- I am amazed by the people I’ve met here. It’s a nice reminder that not everyone in the world is crazy or evil or crazy (inserted twice on purpose!). Nice to meet you, too!

  13. Congrats! I never thought numbers would make me happy but as I look at 99 followers I think, gosh I can’t wait until I hit 100. It’s awesome milestones.

    I just wrote a blog about blogging. How it’s really so odd how we sit behind a computer and write about our lives and how random strangers hop on and enjoy the ride with us. It’s odd yet awesome at the same time. It’s a concept that I think I spend too much time thinking about.

  14. 50 Followers, congrats! I still get excited over new followers as well. I remember when I was stuck at 99 for a few days, it was like the clock was broke. And then when I finally hit 100, well…let’s just say I was way too excited lol.

  15. Congratulations on your 50! I remember when I hit 10 and was ecstatic. I have 240 now and I am thankful for each and everyone of these wonderful people who take the time to follow my blog. I am sure you will get there soon too. Very nice post.

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