Impulse Buying

Because we all have one of these in our backyard, don't we? Not! Photo courtesy of Google images.

Because we all have one of these in our backyard, don’t we? Not! Photo courtesy of Google images.


I know it’s a bad thing, most times. I never have been one to buy big ticket items without doing at least a little bit of research and price checking. Things like vehicles, electronics, furniture and appliances all go through a number of Congressional-like thought processes in my mind and those in my household tend to vote on it too. More often- I say no, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Sometimes- I plan a splurge. I figure if the bills are paid this month- why not treat myself to that sweater or those cute boots? I learned to save as often as I can but car repairs and other emergencies sure know how to swallow that up like it’s nothing. Sometimes you gotta live for the moment. Tomorrow isn’t promised but if it is, I’ll look better for it, right? Haha. Not a totally smart way to live.

I’d love to know if you’ve ever bought something you didn’t plan to (please don’t say your spouse!). Were you smooth-talked by a salesperson or did you conjure up the desire on your own? Did you regret it or did it actually make sense to do it?

Because we all use this as toilet paper, right? Photo courtesy of Google images.

Because we all use this as toilet paper, right? Photo courtesy of Google images.


12 responses to “Impulse Buying

  1. Yes, usually sale items! A dress comes to mind that I have never worn! Bought mainly because it was ‘designer’ and on ‘sale’.

    So this year I decided not to buy a single piece of fashion, I haven’t yet but I’ve had my difficulties keeping to my promise!

    • That’s a great restriction to place on oneself! I usually force myself to donate clothes if I haven’t worn them after a certain time. Kudos to you for keeping your promise 🙂
      Oh and please wear that designer dress soon!

  2. Sometimes I just wanted to go for window-shopping, but then ended up buying something I didn’t plan to. You know sometimes it’s hard to stop yourself from buying cute stuff like shoes, necklaces, dresses, etc. Lol 😉

    • Especially when there’s something on clearance and you know you were good for passing it up when it cost more. Now the store is trying to give it the boot versus make more profit and you suddenly got the eagle-eye vision, seeing the reduced numbers in the price when you weren’t even next to it. That bright orange sign now turns into a magnet and you say to yourself, “I’m gonna just go check it out- they probably don’t even have my size.” You make a beeline for it now, honing in just like that eagle would only to find out that the item is in your size and it’s the only one left. Dilemma, right?

  3. I cringe to admit how many things have snuck into my cart at the store when I “wasn’t looking.”
    I’m the worst culprit for video games. A few stinkers have taught me that I had better check some reviews before splurging. Most of the time, I heed that lesson.

    • Yes indeed! Those video games are something else. I used to own more than my share but I weaned myself off. Origin offers free games through their website and occasionally I’ll take the bait. I much prefer to write now but I must admit there’s a part of my brain that gets nourished by playing a good game for a while. I hope that doesn’t mean a person’s getting “old,” does it?

  4. I have two things I’m not allowed to buy anymore

    1) Books. I’m a avid book reader but more so a book hoarder. I’m not allowed to go to any book website anywhere near pay day. I had to turn off Amazon’s kindle one click buy too. I have far too many books that i have not even read yet sad face.

    2) Not a specific item but dollar stores. I simply am not allowed to go into the dollar store alone anymore. It’s like I develop ADD when i go into the dollar store. More than once I went into the store for one specific item ( costing a dollar) and would come out 4 bags and 30 dollars poorer. I don’t know what it is about a dollar store I just see random stuff and I NEED it. Usually i end up buying junk food for the house and cleaning supplies so it’s not TOO bad. But I really didn’t need that stuff I impulse buy. So now, I have to be chaperoned in the dollar store. Lol.

    • Yes- I just burst out laughing because I too am barred from bringing any more books into the house. Sometimes I will argue for a compromise. At the hospital I work at they accept donations of books to sell to visitors (for a buck) and in turn they take the money and put it into a fund for the volunteer scholarships. “Why don’t you just go to the library?” I’m asked often.
      I don’t want to go to the library. I enjoy the nice, appealing setup that Amazon and other bookstores have that’ll allow me (and you too, apparently) to browse hundreds of books in a lesser amount of time. They ship these things nice and quickly.
      I have justified such purchases like these for years. I will continue to.
      Dollar stores are magical. The way I’ve learned to do it is to just take 1 dollar (plus tax) and get the one item I need. Strange enough, my memory (where it fails at some things) is like that of an owl and soon thereafter I’m magically drawn back there in a moment of weakness. Could it be the font style of the word ‘Dollar?’ on the storefront? lol. (I should think otherwise)

  5. I used to get attacked by those guys from the lil stands at the mall; the ones who wanna do your make up or straighten your hair. I was afraid that if I didn’t buy something they’d make me walk around with only half a face of make up on. 😞

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