Over 100!


Not in age (though sometimes I feel like I am). I’m talking about the amazing people I’ve met because they chose to follow me on WordPress. I’ll admit lately I spend a lot of time on here because I feel need to respond to the people who’ve taken the time to comment in one or more of my stories. After that, I tend to visit your blogs and see what you like to blog about. That’s just the type of person I am. I do not plan on changing because I love what I see here.

I see blogs that are not only about the art of writing/blogging but also about hobbies and life in general. It would be so weird if I saw anyone of you on the street and began to suddenly ask you about things you appreciate and things you don’t and especially if I asked to see pictures and anything else you’d like to share. You’d probably call the cops on me (I would too). Instead WP allows us to share these things in hopes that people actually find us and ‘follow’ us around as we live our lives and share our perspectives.

This is cumulatively beautiful.

WordPress has become something to look forward to because my job at the hospital tends to be overwhelming. Most days now and outside of my passion for writing I sometimes need to see what others are up to without burning a tank of gas by leaving the house to visit people in person. To me WP has become equivalent to the shiny new toy that’s well maintained and after a few months I’m still interested in it (take that Facebook!). I don’t find myself rolling my eyes at the content on WP like I do there and those are the people I know.

I see the struggles of others here in some of their blogs- it’s oddly beautiful too. What they’re going through is tough and emotionally/physically painful but I see their journey of the human experience and it includes tears and pain- for some more than others. When I was 26- I survived a ruptured brain aneurysm and I wish I had WP at the time to write about my recovery and share my experience. I know I still can write about it- I will one day (perhaps soon- it was a wretched experience though). For these people here and now, I understand and sympathize with them.

So the journey continues. Please do continue to blog. Though we all have our lives to live off-screen, someone will miss you if you don’t post something for a few weeks or months. That someone will likely be: me.


14 responses to “Over 100!

    • Thanks so much for your kindness! I hope to tell everyone more about my story soon. People say it’s inspirational but I’m just living it- so I cannot tell. 🙂 Enjoy your day today!

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