Childhood= Imagination/ Adulthood= Vacation


Are you one of the many people like me that are beginning to notice those days where your whole day is filled with excitement is getting fewer and farther in between? It sure seems that way sometimes. Through maturity, it seems we all learn the gift of enjoying every moment because all things seem to be temporary- good or bad.

Some days though, I want complete excitement and nothing but fun.

I tend to reflect on the days of my childhood where everything seemed like an adventure. If you wanted to be a pirate- congratulations, you then had full control of all the seven seas! A ballerina? No problem- your audience awaited you even though you might’ve been the only one in the room. Our imaginations were more malleable and easily able to transform to grand scenarios and thus within an instant (and for free) we were entertained, often until dinnertime and beyond.

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Photo courtesy of Google images.

As adults we can have similar adventures though oftentimes they cost money and time in the form of vacation requests. I notice now as a yearly cruiser I count down my days at a certain point to when the warm Caribbean breeze saturates my skin and the Sun is in the sky, higher than ever. I live for those days. As a child though, it would be instantaneous and again- completely free.

My mother and I looking at the barracuda farm in the Honduras (2014).

My mother and I looking at the barracuda farm in the Honduras (2014).

There are other more local events I look forward to: the State Fair, sporting events and nights out at different gatherings. Vacations are the best though because we always go to places and do things that are limited to that area and climate (usually warmer). Of course it’s fun but it also satisfies the inner child in me, that need for an adventure.

Are there any vacation spots that are your absolute favorite? What would you recommend?


2 responses to “Childhood= Imagination/ Adulthood= Vacation

  1. I usually prefer to holiday in countries with a colder climate ( I hate the summer, am very much an autumn/winter person). I live in the UK so favourite holiday destinations are places like Greenland And Norway … such beautiful countries.

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