My Blog Just Farted…


Yeah farted, hiccupped, burped or whatever other gassy term one can use to describe a technical malfunction here. Just as if WP and I were at a dinner table at a fancy, 5-star restaurant and I’m dressed in my pajamas- I am offended nonetheless.

I was concocting another blog for you all that’s now posted incomplete. I saved my work (as I know to do regularly) but the site froze as I was scheduling it to be published later on today (perhaps when people are actually awake). It kept the stuff I added at the last minute but deleted a few sentences that I can no longer recall but were written before and saved…

Nothing’s perfect- I know this but I’d love to know if any of you have had technical problems on here as well so I can try and do what I can to avoid them (perhaps use Word to draft instead?). Thanks.

For now I hope it’s done with it’s belching.

I better post this quick before it acts up again…


11 responses to “My Blog Just Farted…

  1. How annoying! It’s never frozen on me. I get frustrated at times trying to make it look how I want it to look with photos and text etc, but other than that I haven’t had problems. Thanks for sharing, I will make sure I save regularly now!

    • I agree it can be frustrating, I often need to preview my posts beforehand because they will sometimes come out looking different than they do while creating the posts.

      • I’ve heard others say the same thing. It seems they’ve recently updated the way you can design your posts- maybe there’s a bug in that? Either way- good luck to us all, right?

  2. My roleplaying site taught me to always use Word. I always do with blog posts also, it’s a good practice. I personally never experienced any issues with WP, but I don’t risk it.

    My condolences on your lost sentences. *gives cookie*

  3. Thanks for the advice. I’ll work on trying to bring the post back into this century tomorrow. Will definitely use Word from now on. *accepts cookie and wipes away the tears. Lol.

  4. I seemed to have all sorts of slowness issues yesterday, updates freezing and so on. I use WP for Android on a tablet and WP on my iPhone, and switch between to two as each has its own downfalls and benefits. But managing the sites is not great on either and I end up in browser windows that don’t work properly on which ever of those two OS I’m using.
    The most annoying thing I find is when I check my other WP site and the apps get confused, and I get confused, and I don’t realise I’m not using the profile I thought I was. Drives me nuts!

    • I hear ya! I definitely have to be desperate to use it on my Android phone too the computer (not tablet) is by far the easiest way to use WP. *sigh* Some days it’s not that easy.
      Again, I’m not complaining but it does confuse me and therefore takes a little longer than it should to leave comments and whatnot. I’m still having fun though. Yeah, fun is the important part.

  5. Knocks on wood it has never happened to me but I “save draft” excessively. I tend to write on the long side so after ever paragraph I save the draft and after the last word I write I save. Then i proof read( i don’t always proof read) , and fixing spelling errors last before i publish a post. I used to write my whole post in a Microsoft doc first and copy and past it over too but I’ve become lazy to do that.

    I did have two wordpress blogs and it drove me crazy because the blogroll and newsfeeds is the same for both of the blogs and i was always confused when trying to leave a comment about which profile was leaving the comment. lol. I think its easier to have two blogs if they aren’t linked to the same email and are two separate blogs all together.

    • While I’m sad to hear that you experienced similar problems- like you and other’s have said, maybe the best thing to do would be to put it in Word first.
      Yes- I work with nurses and you all can relate to all the gaseous sounds! 🙂

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