The Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Done

Courtesy of Google images.

Courtesy of Google images.


Most people who know me understand that I’m not a risk taker. I’m the one out of the group of friends who’s always calculating the odds on any chance one would take for just about anything. For that, I’ve pretty much earned the title of ‘Most Reserved’.

I wasn’t always like that.

While I’m not sure that what I’m about to tell you is exactly the craziest thing I’ve ever done, I can tell you it’s the craziest thing I remember. I stand here in my thirties with plenty of memories (and forgotten ones) and a decade under my belt of being in my twenties.

Let’s just say that somewhere in an old box or junk drawer where one would keep their old cell phones I’d like to think there’s still several photos of me and about 7 other girls, topless (who’d want that to end up in a landfill, right?). Me and several co-workers decided to go to a local Tiki-themed bar to celebrate one of their birthdays. It was a warm September evening and the drinks were flowing, tiki candles lit- the ambiance was totally there. Among the other patrons were a group of guys having a bachelor party and handing out beads to different ladies in exchange for sexy poses and whatnot throughout the time we were there. It was totally cool.

We were all getting drunker, they were all getting drunker.

Before they knew it, they were down to the last beaded necklace. Somewhere in the bachelor manual it must read that the stakes are now much higher. They were now flirting with a group of girls within my hearing range and suddenly they all jumped up and headed to the outside patio area. Me and another coworker picked up on this, got up from our table and followed only to discover they were going to do a ‘best breasts’ contest.

Who’d like to exclude themselves from that challenge? Not this girl.

Before I know it I’m in a line with 7 other girls- tops up, down or off for a complete visual inspection by 5 or 6 guys whose names I’d never be able to tell you. All 5 or 6 cellphones of theirs are out and pictures taken to make even Playboy proud of the evening.

Who got the beads?

I guess thinking about it now it wouldn’t matter. That was years ago and we’ve all matured somewhat, right? I’d love to tell you that if the opportunity presented itself again I’d roll my eyes and continue in the company of friends. We only live once. Life is short and it needs to be fun and daring whenever possible. We were young and free and sometimes shirtless- I still turned out okay. I look at those beads every now then as a reminder that it’s okay to be a little inappropriate from time to time. 🙂

Is there something crazy you’ve done? I’d love to hear about it! (except if it may cause a court subpoena of some sort, then by all means- keep it to yourself)

Someone sure doesn't get cold. Photo courtesy of Google images.

Someone sure doesn’t get cold. Photo courtesy of Google images.


5 responses to “The Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Done

  1. What a great story! We all do crazy things once in a while. People who know me are shocked when I share my crazy stories. They can’t believe I would do such things!

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