Mind Games (I’m NOT crazy!)


I’m not talking about the psychotic actions of the women characters you see in the movies. Though some of you would love to talk about it- I’m not talking about the ex-girlfriend who really is certifiably crazy and likes to take keys to a guy’s vehicular paint job, bleach to his clothes or make unexpected trip to his job (yes, I’ve been watching court TV today). No ma’am/sir, I’m not nearly on that level of deviance. I’m referring to the mind games more commonly experienced by some of us every single day.


– Why I can head to a restaurant full-knowing what I have a taste for but yet when presented with a menu- becomes overwhelmed with the options and deciding what I want takes 20 minutes. This is to the point where even the waiter/waitress gives up because there really should be a law against how many trips should be made to a table by someone making minimum wage, plus tips.

– Why I can head to a retail store, shop and pick up 20 different items outside of what I originally went in there for but will remember what it was really needed once I’m back in the car (thus in enough time to actually go back into the store like a weirdo stalker). This may happen twice. I may have even written out a list but do you think I’d have remembered to bring it with me?

– Why when someone like my manager at work asks for my detailed opinion about something that even I was waiting to disclose an opinion in detail, but instead I draw a blank or end up with a three word summary of, “sure- it’s fine.”

I’m not sure if you experience something remotely close to what I’ve just described but I’ll tell you it’s like there’s something in me that loves the idea of being smack-dab in the middle of a continuum or living in an unfinished state. It’s as if one half of my brain bets against the other just for the sake of some sort of conflict. Is this normal?

After recovering from an aneurysm years ago I noticed there was a difference in the way I think and respond to things. What I’ve described to you is not nearly disabling or disruptive, it’s actually quite amusing. Often times I’ll tell my family or friends about it in an anticipatory fashion, “watch what’ll happen”- they’ll disagree and we’ll both end up in a mental delay as if it’s contagious and beyond airborne, as if both sides of my brain bet in unison against theirs.

It’s even more amusing when there are multiple participants- e.g. we’re all equally mentally disrupted at my job or when everyone in my household takes much longer to get ready to leave the house because we can’t decide whether to wear light blue or dark blue or a shoe has literally ‘run’ off or we can’t find any of our keys to at least lock the door. It’s all fun and games on days like these.

Am I the only one who has moments like this or can you say it actually gets worse (more fun) with age?


5 responses to “Mind Games (I’m NOT crazy!)

  1. “Am I the only one who has moments like this or can you say it actually gets worse (more fun) with age?”

    LOL, you are not the only one. I hear it actually gets better with age and I suspect that may be true. There are several very sharp elderly people who assure me that this too shall pass.

  2. Definitely not the only one. The restaurant thing I do all the time. My other favourite is when I’m booking a hotel and I’ll find one I like and then spend several hours reading every review, looking at every other possibility before just booking the first one I liked anyway.

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