Over 150 Followers & Counting…

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Photo courtesy of Google images.


I once thought I would never be one of those bloggers who’d keep updating everyone every time I hit a certain number of followers. Seriously, that bothers me. However, I feel most times (especially right at this moment) that blogging isn’t just about me doing a particular task with that being all that counts. Sure, I type stuff into my laptop (that by now, thanks to WP- cannot live without) and I send it out to the world to whomever decides to give my subject matter the time of day. Now that I’ve been blogging for a few months, I feel there’s more to it.

Thinking about this interaction right now brings me a certain level of profound happiness. It brings me joy because as I mentioned before- every time I get notified of a new follower- it gives me the opportunity to take a peek into their blogging experience (and life, if they’ve posted as much). Since I do this often, pretty much everyone stands out to me in a unique and individual way. After reading through some of your blogs (and following them also because I love updates) I feel like I’ve had the equivalent of a chat over coffee (or soda- cause I don’t drink coffee… or better yet, beer!) has taken place and again I feel better about mankind as we exist in the world. ‘We all want to make it, we all just want to be happy’– is the universal theme that resonates among WP, regardless of location.

Tonight I’m still appreciative of you all and I’ll probably never stop being so. I’m still in love with your opinions and experiences as we try to go about this life we live. Thanks and keep it coming! 🙂

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Photo courtesy of Google images.


6 responses to “Over 150 Followers & Counting…

  1. That’s great news and I think there’s no harm in sharing your blogging successes and how much the connections mean to you. As one of your 150+ it’s nice to feel appreciated 🙂

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