Dawn of The Dead

There literally isn’t any comparison.

Badd Motivator

Dawn of the Dead stands tall as the holy grail of zombie films. Alongside Romero’s original zombie flick, Night of the Living Dead, it has virtually no equal in terms of innovation and influence. In fact, it may have been even more influential than its black and white predecessor, as it was the first film in which nearly all the zombie tropes that we know today are present.

A vicious satire of consumerism, this late 70s horror classic takes place largely in a shopping mall. After the dead come to life all over the country, a group of survivors grabs a helicopter and hunkers down in the mall. Unfortunately for them, it seems to be a gathering place for the restless dead, who keep pouring in by the hundreds because of “Some kind of instinct. Memory of what they used to do. This was an important place in their…

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