Weird Sources of Inspiration


As expected through subliminal imagery and sounds, I’ve been led to have the desire to post an entry about inspiration and what triggers it for me. I’ll warn you though- I don’t have one of those usual and ordinary minds. My mind has been cut into and a small piece of metal inserted. Much like a switch has been hit- I’ve learned to find purpose in things that others find filled with despair, anguish, etcetera- read on:

Bad days at work when by hour eight while everyone else is planning how they’ll numb themselves- I’m planning on making a bee-line towards my car, the driveway, the back door and finally to my writing space. Throughout the day while everyone is venting I’m figuring instances for characters to feel a certain way. I feed off my own anxieties and failures to win the day’s lottery and relate this as best I can to particular situations. It’s unlikely these feelings may be transferred to a computer file that day- but certainly they will on another.

I find inspiration for various things while I dream. My dream’s contents are not those that cure a disease, save a nation or even my own self. I’ve fallen through the sky, drowned, burned and died. I then wake up, and I want to write.

My inspiration doesn’t necessarily always come from tragedy. Sometimes when things are truly bad off I curl up like anyone else would (or curse, and spit, lol).

When things are happy, celebratory and going well- I still find ways to express that in characters- again it may not be used soon in my writing but if we all of a sudden turned into a fictional existence I’d want to be sure to have my bases covered for the joyous times too. Who wouldn’t want to do that, right?

Music inspires me as well. In a separate post, I wrote under a “facts about me” section how I have tons of different music from different genres. Music is a great way to get in the mindset of a particular character. Thanks to the internet and places like YouTube it’s possible to go beyond what in your personal collection to get the variety out there. One can easily find the mood for a scenario by listening to something as if it were a soundtrack. Contrary to popular belief, the internet can be a productive outlet to blow an hour. I can easily listen to a ‘crazy’ song versus actually trying to go crazy to see how my character might feel. My health insurance would probably not appreciate it. My neighbors wouldn’t either.

So now I’m asking you. In this rather large ball we call Earth- where and how do you find your inspiration?


7 responses to “Weird Sources of Inspiration

  1. My inspirations may also seem to come from odd sources, like challenges and stumbling blocks. I tend to write more deeply and honestly when I’m going through despair. Not that joy and excitement aren’t also very inspiring. But there’s something about an object in my way and overcoming that object that usually brings out the best in my writing. There’s something very humbling about struggle and deliverance. Great post 🙂

  2. My inspirations comes from various things and some of them can be very random e.g. scenery, architectures, people, cultures, music videos, food, shadow, lighting, etc. However, music inspires me predominantly. 🙂

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