Poor Renee…

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Photo courtesy of Google images.


Since I woke up in a good mood despite it only being Thursday (Friday is my all-time favorite day of the week), I’m not going to spoil it by ranting about nothing I can really change. I won’t go into the whole women’s movement or whine about women’s suffrage- I’ll just talk about this (very briefly) on this person at face value (insert the joke).

Renee Zellweger.

That’s the person that seems to be the hot topic in celebrity news as of late. I couldn’t check my email without seeing her face. It seems her recent appearances have re-ignited the seemingly gasoline-infused topics surrounding the aging of women in Hollywood- which in turn trickles down to the aging of women everywhere else. I can’t figure out for the life of me why these media outlets hype this up so much? They should be the most understanding of how important it is to look a certain way and how youthfulness equates to job offers which equates to pay. Unless Zellweger went and got herself educated like Eva Longoria– her future as an actress is dependent on her desirability as well as talent. I read somewhere that while the pay of male actors is unaffected by age, the salaries of actresses tends to top out at around the age of 34.

She has her reasons to do whatever she wants to do to her body, cosmetically. For that, I wish she would’ve responded with a, “Yeah I got surgery done- so freakin’ what?” versus the lengthy response about how she started taking care of herself and used her time away from the cameras to rest and blah, blah, blah. I was hoping for a bolder response, yes I was indeed.

Again I’m not wanting to prod or poke at this dreadful issue but it’d be nice to shut the critics up about it, if only for a few minutes (or months or years…).

Have a good day you all!


4 responses to “Poor Renee…

  1. It’s not just healthy living and eating or whatever she claims that makes her look different. It HAS to be cosmetic surgery since her eyes appear to be shaped completely different. I liked her just the way she was but hey she wanted a change? Go for it! I agree with you though, if that’s what she’s done..BRAG about it, don’t lie about it.

  2. I think that it was a twofold issue: 1) the media is always hungry for dirt on which actress had what body part modified. Most celebrities expect that and handle it well. I agree, if she’d come out with “Yes, I did, I feel like a Princess now so, suck it.” I think people would have cheered for her.
    2) She looked markedly different than the last time she’d been seen in public. I’m not going to get deep and suggest she had body/self image issues, (because that’s likely) BUT, if Renee Zellwegger appeared on that red carpet looking like herself but refreshed and rested, the media would have been going on about how great she looked. This was a dramatic departure from how people know and love her.
    There’s going to be commentary. I don’t think it’s needed two stories a broadcast and to be plastered all over the web, though. That’s a bit much. Plus, there’s no way to be politically correct about it except to NOT comment on it, and clearly (to me) a reaction is what she was looking for.

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