Missed Opportunities


Just thought I’d check in and say hello to you all. I hope your blogs and internet lives have been well these past days. As for me, I’ve been working (hard) at my ‘day’ job and trying to muster whatever energy that’s left of the day to continue writing my 2nd novel- as well as prepare for Affliction. My publisher has assured me that within the next week the ARC (advance reader copy) should be ready. I’ve been using my free time to look up various book reviewers so that I might approach them about a review (more on that later because if you’d like to do a review- I’d be overjoyed to let you do so).

In other words: I’m trying not to freak out about my dreams of a book release finally becoming true.

I want the best for my Affliction (ha ha). I want everything to emerge ‘A-Okay’ so that when I do the inevitable and look back to reflect, the regret list will be superbly short. I have had friends in the past read it and tell me how nice of a book it is and it floors me that they think of it as such. I’m still truly humbled that I could possibly entertain someone with a book. Not that I’m saying my writing is horrible or anything- I’m just amazed by the kindness I’ve received thus far as a result of it.

Well, moving on…

The title of my blog indeed suggests the topic of something missed. Today as it relates to me, I passed up the opportunity for a job interview for what would be a lateral move to another hospital doing a similar job. This is just for now anyway because instead of moving to a new environment to do basically the same job duties- I’d rather stay where I am and put more focus on the possibilities of becoming an author, full-time (one can dream, right?). The spirit of entrepreneurship is on me in a way that’ll make a jockey at the Kentucky Derby a little jealous.  If I could put forth half of the energy I put forth in my paid work toward my own authorship- it’d make for an awesome experience for myself and any reading audience. I’m sure other writers that have day jobs feel the same way. In that subject, you guys are like my brothers and sisters. I say we keep moving forward to our dreams.

I ask you now. What opportunities have you missed out on that you’d like to tell me about? Do you feel better off or worse because of it?

I might as well be sitting across from you at coffee table having this discussion because I am curious. 🙂


8 responses to “Missed Opportunities

  1. I feel like I missed the opportunity to stand strong in saying, No, to a position that I recently accepted. After years of wandering around in a light fog, I’ve emerged with ideas and goals for myself. I’ve stepped out and gotten involved in some ventures to gain some experience and to network. I’m wearing myself thin trying to catch up on time I feel like I’ve lost. I also have a day job, so the time I have to pursue my entrepreneurial spirit is already thin. And as I write now, I hear it’s not the quantity, but the quality that’s of value.

  2. I know what you mean! Sometimes the blessing of not having enough time gives you the motivation and drive to find out what’s really important for YOU. We spend a lot of our time serving others in one way or another and I hope the time you spend writing creates valuable, quality work. I wrote most of my book while I was working and going to school- both full time. My writing was truly the only thing I had control over. Everything else was basically an assignment.

  3. Fortunately (?) for me I’m on disability and I have 24 hrs I can fill up. My family thinks I’m obsessed and should come up for air. I can have a relatively normal life (liver transplant with added repercussions) if I pace myself, but what I want to do is write. So between 2 blogs, the book I’m writing, all the social media to go with it (please follow my fb page) and long letter writing to 2 inmates where would I find the time to “work”? I am going to start working in the Maryland prisons once a month or so with workshops starting this month for hands on experience. I want to lecture and talk at functions in communities. It will help give my book credibility. It’s not even done but I have a sequel planned.

    • Sounds good! Glad you are getting along with your health! What you’re doing is really positive and great and I know you’ll keep us all updated to your lectures and happenings. 🙂

      • Thank you. I have an email address that is for Jamie’s blog mynameisjamie2@gmail.com Sometimes people leave words of encouragement, which is so important, but it isn’t necessary that you do so. He has been locked up for 14 years with a brief time out 21 when they had to let him out of juvy, met my daughter and she got pregnant. Now I am the only one that that keeps him connected to his son. Not even his own mother writes to him. If you get a chance to go to the blog you will understand more. But it is through leaving your email address at gmail is how i keep with people on how the book is coming along. That address does not follow the blog. It’s for info only. There are also a few random chapters of “Inside the Forbidden Outside” posted at the book site. http://insidetheforbiddenoutside.wordpress.com I’ll be reading more of you!

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