Ten Reasons Why I Dislike Public Transport (buses in particular)

Last year when I was engaging in my civic duties on jury duty I rode public transportation because who wants to pay $20 to park downtown when they’re only being paid $10 a day? While on the bus I saw the cutest baby with the roundest, large brown eyes I’d ever seen being held by her mother as we stood together. She also had a nose filled with green fluid. This put me on notice. The bus was crowded and I was standing approximately one and a half feet from her as this bundle of joy sneezed and cough for most of the three mile journey until my stop.
Fast forward three days, when jury duty is over:

I’m sicker than a group of dogs and though it’s April and our ground is still mostly covered with a small layer of snow- I want desperately to use whatever energy I have left to dig my own grave in the back yard. When I slept I could not breath, when I was awake I could not breath. My nose was hot and my throat ached like never before. Every strand of hair on my head sent pain signals to my brain. My body ached and worst of all I was never selected for jury duty. I will never forget the little baby girl that gave me what I was sure was another close encounter with death.

That Random Girl- Daily

I am not one to moan but I really do not like taking buses. Of course at this time, my choice is very limited but hopefully not for long.

Sorry Brian Souter. However, I’m sure we all understand that when a product or service is introduced, not everyone will love it, so I am simple one of the many people that does not like taking buses. While I do not mind taking the train or tram, it is predominantly because trains and trams have a completely different atmosphere to that of buses. 

So here are my ten reasons (in no particular order) as to why I dislike taking the bus: 

1) Aggressive People- on the buses I take, there is always that one person who looks really angry. It makes the atmosphere awkward and gives me an uneasy feeling, especially as the bus is always very compact. 

2) Staring people- you tend…

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