Black Friday? No.


While most don’t mind the brisk start to the Christmas shopping season- I’m walking the fine line between sanity and insanity with all the ads. If I hear/see the term “Black Friday” a few more times (which is likely to be within the next hour or so, I may be forced to cross the line.

If you want to stand in a long line in frigid temps along with 100 others for a $10 blu-ray player that the store has only 5 in stock of- I say have at it. Like a marathon runner- I’d love to pin numbers on you and place bets with the online community to see if you actually outlived a snowball’s chance in hell to get to the register with one.

I guess as I sit here, the idea of materialism still outweighs the value and true meaning of this time of the year. Now I know most folks are charitable, are spending time with loved ones and are baking enough goods to put Pillsbury to shame. I applaud you if you’re doing this also. I will eventually pick up a few items for my Grandmother and my dog for Christmas but the rest of my family and I have sworn off spending money for the sake of buying Christmas.

Although I’ve never done any immediate post-Thanksgiving shopping (notice how I avoided mentioning those two horrible words), I can admit that I am admire the energy and zest most have to climb out of bed at 2am, 4am and other pre-dawn hours to attain more gadgets, more clothing and electronics… more stuff.


My Quick Thanksgiving Blessing to You


I know you’re probably somewhere in the midst of chopping veggies, brining turkey, baking cake and pecan pies or shredding blocks of expensive cheese because there’s simply no other time of year that calls for a $45 pan of baked macaroni and cheese… Maybe I’m describing only my actions for the evening as of yet because you were smart enough to accept the request to sit at someone else’s table. You’re brilliant if that’s the case. Either way, I hope these moments are extra special for you and renews its significance as we take the time to reflect on the miracles and blessings it took for us to all exist in this moment.

We should really have this state of mind somewhere in us every day- I imagine most of us do but are more thankful in private and in spaces where we are designated (church).

For the sake of your reading this however, I hope tomorrow (and everyday, really) brings you a sense of gratitude toward the forces and energies that keep you going. You are not here by mistake. May your stomach stay full and may you and your loved ones share the day to help create fond memories.

The writer in me will be pondering at some point tomorrow about how useful a turkey would be in the zombie apocalypse- in case you were wondering 😛

Immigration, Blah….


After being unavoidably sucked into paying a small amount of attention to the political subject that has become a media hot topic (I’ll give you a hint: it starts with an ‘I’ and ends with ‘mmigration’), I’ve managed to find a demographic who would unanimously agree on completely open borders and a never-ending supply of live bodies:

Yup. Those guys…

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Enjoy your Saturday.

Photo courtesy of Google images

Photo courtesy of Google images

How Cool Would That Be?


I just realized that I’m coming up on 200 followers (I’m currently at 199). If you’ve paid any attention to me thus far you know how much I appreciate you all for helping my unwind after my often hectic and stressful days at work.

I want to do something special for #200- a numerical milestone. And it’s nothing more than I’d do for anyone of you who already have taken the time to read my posts.

Perhaps I’d love to send out a Christmas card as a special way to connect with #200. Yes, it will be a Christmas card because to me it doesn’t matter if you’re of a different religion or are atheist or side totally with aliens form another planet- my message is in taking the time out to write a particularly special note to whomever it gets addressed to. Sometimes it’s pleasant to get something else other than a bill in the mail!

I wouldn’t mind sending them to your job, PO Box, or some other address because hey, you do not know me personally and I understand the safe guards that need to be taken.

What do you think? Would you like a greeting card from me? What about for #200?

I Refuse to Feel Guilty


First of all, I apologize for there not being enough hours in the day. I have embarked on the journey to bloggership- (whatever that made up word of value means to me) and I have made it my point to do so more often than not. Make no mistake though, this is not a rant. This is a statement by a Queen of her own jurisdiction and I hope your lands (however much of it you choose to own) are doing well. 🙂

As for me, I have a full time job that tries to act like a husband of some sort; he wants all of my time and energy. Whereas I like to wear several hats, he (my job) tries to get me to wear only one. We fight about that all the time.

Getting back to my title… I refuse to feel guilty for not being able to blog everyday. I mean, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right? I have people I have to interact with in real life and like I’ve mentioned before, I have to interact with others. I have to go to work. I have to tend to my almost-human dog who doesn’t simply take a treat and meander on, I have to do laundry, I love non-microwaved foods I prepare, I love watching movies that I pay to have access to, I love to read, I love to sleep, I love to write, I love to say I have nothing to do; boredom to me is the bee’s knees of existence. But, I love blogging too. I even love reading blogs and commenting with the purpose of not actually blogging at all.

I’d love to give a swift kick in the pants to anyone who thinks a woman should be able to accomplish so much in one day and not eventually wear down because guess what- that will happen sooner or later. I’d love to hug those who agree with me, instead. Life is a short term thing and I’ve never been a good juggler.

I also refuse to feel guilty because I choose not to placate others. This is totally unrelated to this blog and likely to anyone who’s reading this but I thought I’d mention it since it almost seems like a rant- really it isn’t.

Maybe it seems I’m moody because it’s exceptionally cold outside and I’d rather take my dog for a long walk tomorrow. I’d love to arrive at the space in the park that used to be green leafed but is now barren and brown and grounds filled with snow. Instead, it’ll be somewhere near the 18 degrees it was when I last looked at a thermostat outside and neither of us will go for that kind of stupidity. Even my dog is smart enough to not want his drool stuck to his face. He’s too handsome for that mess, anyways. We’re both too old to frolic in the cold without a good reason. I will go outdoors with him- however, the duration will be short.

I’m glad to be here, nevertheless and I’ll definitely be reading through your posts. Goodnight/Goodmorning to you all!

Join the (Snow) Club


It’s beginning to look like this. Photo courtesy of Google.


The first snowfall of the season is occurring for most of the residents of central and southern Minnesota. Most of us are not happy today. I know, I know: ‘If we don’t like it, we should move south or stop complaining.

I want to move to a warmer state but doing that opens oneself up to more issues. People who live in warmer climates- well I should say more milder temperatures year round (because MN gets to 90 and even 100 during the summer months) also have a huge disadvantage when it comes to bugs and other pests.

I’m not fond of those at all.

Africanized Honey Bees, Flying Cockroaches, Black Widow/Brown Recluse Spiders, Scorpions, snakes and a host of other bugs and serpents that can kill any one of us if their having a bad day. They have a weakness: snow and cold. And while some are found in colder climates by accident, they are not a part of the common wildlife population found in my current location.

The worst thing we have to deal with is our state bird, the mosquito and again- thankfully I won’t have to see any of those suckers until mid-late May. So, for the snow we’re getting, I’ll be a little thankful as I dig out my boots and winter coat to wear until warmer temperatures return.

Feel free to chime in if I missed a bug and you’re so lucky to not have to deal with snow for 5 months out of the year. Don’t worry, I already envy you.

Racism and the Media in Society (From My POV)


Normally I don’t care to elaborate on such a controversial topic because anyone is almost sure to be offended by any point-of-view statements. Not that I’m trying to be a naïve little rainbow here- I’m just anti-stress when it comes to my blog. Anything I say here about it may come back to haunt me but rest assured, I’m not much of a controversial person. I am not deeply bothered by this enormous dark cloud that seems to be given new life every few months or so- thanks to the media.

I do have my rights to my own opinion. I do not speak for every person of color (any color). I’m cool with that and as far as I’m concerned if you’re still reading this you’re interested in my opinion alone.

Here it is…

I’m quite tired of the subject. Most times when I’m forced to hear about things race related I roll my eyes because I know it is a complete waste of my time. I know I’m forced because nowadays thanks to the media’s attempt to sensationalize anything to get more viewers, they look to promote these racial incidents so you can tune in. There, I said it.

Do I believe racism still exists? Of course I do. I’ve experienced it myself at several points during the life I’ve lived. The way things go about it all on a national level, the way things are publicized in my opinion often throws gasoline versus water to the fire. Of course I’m aware of the nastiness that has occurred from pretty much the second any person of color has encountered the ‘white’ man since he set foot on the North American continent. Am I disgruntled about it? Sure. To an extent that only says if the majority of us are ready to move on- so am I. If only a few people are still stuck in a fruitless pattern of thinking why should the rest of us be forced to live in the depths of their despair?

I tend to focus and shift my perspective toward the future. I know that the black kid being gunned down by a non black (or vice versa) constitutes a racial uproar but I have to ask if the uproar is going to promote a movement toward a better interaction within all the racial makeups of the involved parties or will it tear it down further? I don’t argue that we should simply forgive and forget. I argue the suggestion that intelligent discussion needs to occur. In my opinion this cannot happen in the heat of a racially-subjected trial or crime. My friends, at that time the media wants division. They need it for their ratings. They need us to become extra sensitive and extra defensive so that we can continue to tune in and listen to their often biased reporting. They’ll state facts but it won’t be all of them.  That’s the way reporting for ratings goes.

Let’s upgrade our thinking.

In my opinion improving race relations calls for a much smaller level of communication, a smaller movement among each individual that’s not unlike fixing your finances, or changing the way you shop because it’ll save money. One has to make a personal investment and strategize how to change their thought patterns on how to go about educating themselves about the different cultures that exist around  and how to better interact. I’m not just talking whites learning about blacks- I’m referring to a web of informational exchanges so that we can each gain perspective into the lives of the people who are different from us. Personally I’ve decided that as long as I can find some food I enjoy- that’ll be the basis for me to explore further about any culture. Food is good.

I can recall conversations with several of my non-black friends over the years. They were curious about different things as it relates to race relations- mostly about the perceived anger in the black community towards non- blacks. I was happy to share my opinion and while it isn’t the end all be all answer for every scenario, I was happy to at least have the discussion with them. Talking about it brings at least a minute amount of understanding, doesn’t it? That’s what I’m all for: responsible and mature discussion.

I bring this up primarily because the mayor of the city I live in (Minneapolis) was recently chastised for taking a photo posing with what could be perceived as a gang symbol (which is complete garbage and another attempt to sensationalize the subject of race relations between the city and its residents). You can read more about the story here.

Again, I have to ask whether the media truly helps or does more harm by investigating certain subjects to the death?

I invite you to responsibly chime in your opinion.