1700 Views is Just Peachy!


Happy Daylight Savings Time. Here’s to the extra hour and the actual excuse that the day is a long one. At least it’s on a Sunday, right? If it were Monday I’m sure the number of folks reporting additional depression at work would be up.

I’m appreciative of the amount of views and followers I’ve accumulated. I’m doing my best to follow back and read up on your lives so if only for me, please keep on posting! You guys have kind of replaced my old social networking habits. You’re more interesting and I don’t get bombarded with game requests. What more can I ask for? To a writer, WordPress is probably the best thing since Google.

1700 times, people have taken a look at what I’ve written. I’m sorry I’m modest but it means a lot. I hope to keep up with it.

In case you haven’t read the other dozen times I’ve mentioned it- my heart’s desire is to write full-time. I’d love to give my ‘day’ job the old boot! When I’m not writing- I’m pretty much wishing I was. There are a ton of topics I’d like to become even more familiarized with and blog about those. When I’m not doing that, I’d love to scheme and plot the next scenes for my next novel. Beyond that, I’d love to network and meet up with other writers and talk about the craft of writing and how we’re going to encourage the youth to put down the TV remotes for a little while to instead read more books and take up writing for themselves. I’d love to push a major initiative of some kind that’ll reward kids and parents for encouraging their children and teenagers to change their habits. I want to get more adults into reading and writing. I believe writing is therapeutic and there’s so many of us who need writing but don’t know it is an option. Writing makes us better speakers which in turn will make us better communicators and improve our personalities. Collectively, it could improve the world.

For now, I’ll worry about this blog and wrap this up by offering my thanks again hoping the rest of your Sunday is relaxing.


3 responses to “1700 Views is Just Peachy!

  1. You have some great ideas. I think a program like you speak of would do wonders for people. Learning to read and write and to express themselves can change people for the better.

  2. Although I’m not a great writer, I also believe writing is therapeutic. 🙂 It is a way of expressing what you feel or what you imagine to be. It is definitely fun and exciting! 🙂

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