Sometimes You Have to Go There


I don’t generally enjoy taking time to focus on negative things but I will for this post. Trust me, it’ll be brief (As a side note- I’m not particularly experiencing anything personal right at the moment to suggest this is a rant either). It seems with people I’ve talked to lately that the world is ever increasingly becoming a smokestack-gateway-to-hell when it comes to the way we conduct ourselves with other people.

When did most of humanity become heathens?

I’ve noticed this at work? I’ve noticed this in public. As you may or may not have known, I live in Minnesota. We have this God-awful label that we’re Minnesota-nice which is total BS of the smelliest kind when it comes to most person-to-person interactions. The truth is, we’re just about the most cut-throat people in parkas, in January as one could possibly come across.

It seems due to national socially set standards (the fact the crap is everywhere) we’ve felt the need to compete with other less-kind states. Maybe lots of people have moved to MN and don’t care to know how we used to do things here. Today, I’ve found out that someone I know got fired from their job on their day off, which happens to also be their birthday. Certainly her employers could’ve waited 24 hours. Her reason for being let go isn’t fully clear either. Another person I know suspects the old lead worker is tampering with her work on the premise that she is no longer receiving the lead pay and therefore is trying to tarnish her (the new lead worker’s) image.  I too have been seemingly given a beat down at my place of employment to the point where human decency is in question. It seems that the lines have been blurred. I’ve mentioned before that there’s a ‘profit over everything’ mantra that most businesses have adopted.

It seems that below the business owner level, most others have made a return to the high school phase where folks will do anything to feel accepted and be popular. It seems that having dignity and steadfast morals are ancient acquisitions. I could write a best-selling, non-fiction book about all the drama I’ve heard of recently at my job and at the workplaces of others.

If you think of all of the drama you’re aware of and multiply it times the population in the Earth- give or take the Tibetan Buddhists who like have close to zero- that’s a lot of, there’s tons of it everywhere corroding the potential we all have in order to be happy.

How do we cope with it?

Seriously, how does one who wants to actually maintain a relatively drama-free state of affairs keep out of all the mess? In my opinion, one must always remain diligent in staying neutral to most of the ongoing events around them. For me, I have to understand that what I’m doing and the choices I make are not likely the most popular ones. They are likely only the right ones. We all must understand that if we choose to be correct, utilize our morals and be eligible for internal peace, most times we’ll be alone on our paths.

Simply put, we have to realize that most people pay attention to material, superficial things and more importantly things that will benefit only them. They could care less about being declared ‘decent’ and ‘trustworthy’. We are in the days of instant gratification and if someone can feel better about treating you (or someone else) badly- believe me, they are likely to do so. This is especially true when money is involved.

I’m not coming from a religious perspective either. I cannot tell you God or anything other supernatural thing is somewhere keeping track of this all and will punish any one being. I cannot declare there is an old bearded man waiting to accept you into some pearly gates for sticking to your guns about living your life with a sense of a greater purpose and straying from negative contributions.

I hate to wallow in the sours of human behaviors but if you’re like me you’re looking for ways to stay true to your purpose. You’re looking for ways to stand strong when things are clearly going the wrong way around you. I want to make you aware that at least I know things are indeed dysfunctional.


2 responses to “Sometimes You Have to Go There

  1. I think sometimes you just have to put blinders on and focus on something else (up lifting). There always have been wars and rumours of wars and all forms of evil going on. That is our challenge, we have to move on and keep the faith.

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