Ever Run Out of Gas?


I’m not talking about the good ole fuel tank in your automobile or motorized scooter. I’m talking about running out of the fuel needed to entertain/please other people as you go about your day to day activities. The last few days I’ve been on the quiet side especially while at work and several people have inquired about the silence. I’ll chat when it’s work related as there are no qualms about reporting important things others need to be able to do their jobs. They’ll ask me if I’m doing okay or they say how much they love me as if I need an intervention or something. I’m just quiet. Isn’t that okay from time to time?

Now don’t get me wrong I appreciate that people are caring but over the period of years that I’ve been around these people I’ve told them more than a few times, “If I’m quiet, I’m not mad, I’m just being quiet.” but it never fails, the same people inquire. I have to repeat the same words or at times they’ll say “I know to just leave you alone.” in a way to make it seem like I’m some monster that’ll lash out.  As if I’ve been rude to them before or something… Now that could make a person actually lash out.

If this happens to you I definitely understand the pressure it puts on you to be someone that you’re not.

I’ve had the discussion with my coworkers before that I’m more closely aligned with the traits and thought patterns of an introvert. While sometimes my laugh can be loud and I enjoy being able to engage others for a while- my capabilities to do so aren’t infinite. I like to reflect, I like to think. We have two ears and only one mouth for a reason: We should be listening twice as much as we talk.

I guess I just wish more people were comfortable with silence. There’s nothing wrong with it, really. We’re all in this age where it’s thought we should be multi-tasking, perfectionists with absolute and impeccable communication skills- everyone should be energized bundles of constant social interaction…yeah…. no thanks.


9 responses to “Ever Run Out of Gas?

    • I’m glad we are similar in that way so at least you and a few others understand what I’m talking about! It’s like hitting the reset button as we still have to go about our daily activities! 🙂

  1. I go through that, too. I hide in my room and avoid people. My job requires that I not be quiet and it’s hard sometimes to keep up the happy act. But then, I work with kids and they are demanding little creatures!

    • I so wish I could hide in my room too! When we have jobs that require the least bit of communication, I believe we can even be punished for not being extra communicative. You work with kids? I definitely know what you mean now!

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