Join the (Snow) Club


It’s beginning to look like this. Photo courtesy of Google.


The first snowfall of the season is occurring for most of the residents of central and southern Minnesota. Most of us are not happy today. I know, I know: ‘If we don’t like it, we should move south or stop complaining.

I want to move to a warmer state but doing that opens oneself up to more issues. People who live in warmer climates- well I should say more milder temperatures year round (because MN gets to 90 and even 100 during the summer months) also have a huge disadvantage when it comes to bugs and other pests.

I’m not fond of those at all.

Africanized Honey Bees, Flying Cockroaches, Black Widow/Brown Recluse Spiders, Scorpions, snakes and a host of other bugs and serpents that can kill any one of us if their having a bad day. They have a weakness: snow and cold. And while some are found in colder climates by accident, they are not a part of the common wildlife population found in my current location.

The worst thing we have to deal with is our state bird, the mosquito and again- thankfully I won’t have to see any of those suckers until mid-late May. So, for the snow we’re getting, I’ll be a little thankful as I dig out my boots and winter coat to wear until warmer temperatures return.

Feel free to chime in if I missed a bug and you’re so lucky to not have to deal with snow for 5 months out of the year. Don’t worry, I already envy you.


3 responses to “Join the (Snow) Club

  1. As I sit here in Brazilian springtime (not even summer yet, fml), worrying about possibly drowning in a pool of my own sweat, I find it very hard to sympathize with anyone complaining about snow and cold. It doesn’t get that cold here in the winter, I know, but I honestly believe no amount of cold could ever make want to punch everything in the face quite as much as this unbearable heat does pretty much every year. :/

  2. I would rather drown in a pool of sweat. I know the snow may look enchanting but that soon wears thin, especially starting in November. We had a nice day here in southern Ontario, Canada, but I hear it is coming here too! I’m starting to dream about Brazil.

  3. Spot on!!! Living in warmer climate will find all sorts of bugs and pests you don’t want to see. I can’t even remember how many time I have seen centipedes, snakes, flying Cockroaches, and so many other bugs and pests I’ve seen this year. 😦

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