I Refuse to Feel Guilty


First of all, I apologize for there not being enough hours in the day. I have embarked on the journey to bloggership- (whatever that made up word of value means to me) and I have made it my point to do so more often than not. Make no mistake though, this is not a rant. This is a statement by a Queen of her own jurisdiction and I hope your lands (however much of it you choose to own) are doing well. 🙂

As for me, I have a full time job that tries to act like a husband of some sort; he wants all of my time and energy. Whereas I like to wear several hats, he (my job) tries to get me to wear only one. We fight about that all the time.

Getting back to my title… I refuse to feel guilty for not being able to blog everyday. I mean, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right? I have people I have to interact with in real life and like I’ve mentioned before, I have to interact with others. I have to go to work. I have to tend to my almost-human dog who doesn’t simply take a treat and meander on, I have to do laundry, I love non-microwaved foods I prepare, I love watching movies that I pay to have access to, I love to read, I love to sleep, I love to write, I love to say I have nothing to do; boredom to me is the bee’s knees of existence. But, I love blogging too. I even love reading blogs and commenting with the purpose of not actually blogging at all.

I’d love to give a swift kick in the pants to anyone who thinks a woman should be able to accomplish so much in one day and not eventually wear down because guess what- that will happen sooner or later. I’d love to hug those who agree with me, instead. Life is a short term thing and I’ve never been a good juggler.

I also refuse to feel guilty because I choose not to placate others. This is totally unrelated to this blog and likely to anyone who’s reading this but I thought I’d mention it since it almost seems like a rant- really it isn’t.

Maybe it seems I’m moody because it’s exceptionally cold outside and I’d rather take my dog for a long walk tomorrow. I’d love to arrive at the space in the park that used to be green leafed but is now barren and brown and grounds filled with snow. Instead, it’ll be somewhere near the 18 degrees it was when I last looked at a thermostat outside and neither of us will go for that kind of stupidity. Even my dog is smart enough to not want his drool stuck to his face. He’s too handsome for that mess, anyways. We’re both too old to frolic in the cold without a good reason. I will go outdoors with him- however, the duration will be short.

I’m glad to be here, nevertheless and I’ll definitely be reading through your posts. Goodnight/Goodmorning to you all!


8 responses to “I Refuse to Feel Guilty

    • Yes, I love your blog! I read it for the first time after you followed me and I was so thankful to get a chance to look into your experience. I’m not saying you should blog every day (who wants that pressure?) but I do look forward to your posts specifically! 🙂

  1. I agree you do not need to feel guilty, but I wonder if you do, just a little, or you wouldn’t have posted this? Wow, I almost had a deep thought so early in the morning! Anyway, I only post once a week or so as I don’t always have anything to say! My life isn’t exciting or original. I just putter along and post as inspiration hits. I love reading all the blogs, though!

    • Yes you’re probably right about having a little guilt but like you, my life isn’t necessarily a rollercoaster ride for drama either. I appreciate the boring simplicity of it. I love your perspective so I’m always eager to read your posts and comments!

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