How Cool Would That Be?


I just realized that I’m coming up on 200 followers (I’m currently at 199). If you’ve paid any attention to me thus far you know how much I appreciate you all for helping my unwind after my often hectic and stressful days at work.

I want to do something special for #200- a numerical milestone. And it’s nothing more than I’d do for anyone of you who already have taken the time to read my posts.

Perhaps I’d love to send out a Christmas card as a special way to connect with #200. Yes, it will be a Christmas card because to me it doesn’t matter if you’re of a different religion or are atheist or side totally with aliens form another planet- my message is in taking the time out to write a particularly special note to whomever it gets addressed to. Sometimes it’s pleasant to get something else other than a bill in the mail!

I wouldn’t mind sending them to your job, PO Box, or some other address because hey, you do not know me personally and I understand the safe guards that need to be taken.

What do you think? Would you like a greeting card from me? What about for #200?


13 responses to “How Cool Would That Be?

  1. Big congrats Dottie! ❤ Reaching 200 followers would be a great pre-Christmas gift to you. I'm extremely happy for you. Hope your blog continues to grow.

    I think the greeting/ Christmas would be a great idea!!! 😉

    Best wishes,

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