My Quick Thanksgiving Blessing to You


I know you’re probably somewhere in the midst of chopping veggies, brining turkey, baking cake and pecan pies or shredding blocks of expensive cheese because there’s simply no other time of year that calls for a $45 pan of baked macaroni and cheese… Maybe I’m describing only my actions for the evening as of yet because you were smart enough to accept the request to sit at someone else’s table. You’re brilliant if that’s the case. Either way, I hope these moments are extra special for you and renews its significance as we take the time to reflect on the miracles and blessings it took for us to all exist in this moment.

We should really have this state of mind somewhere in us every day- I imagine most of us do but are more thankful in private and in spaces where we are designated (church).

For the sake of your reading this however, I hope tomorrow (and everyday, really) brings you a sense of gratitude toward the forces and energies that keep you going. You are not here by mistake. May your stomach stay full and may you and your loved ones share the day to help create fond memories.

The writer in me will be pondering at some point tomorrow about how useful a turkey would be in the zombie apocalypse- in case you were wondering 😛


11 responses to “My Quick Thanksgiving Blessing to You

  1. Thank you for all your wishes mentioned in this post and I wish the same to you! 🙂 Although it is not very common to celebrate Thanksgiving here in Hong Kong, I’m still feeling the spirit from you and other fellow bloggers. 😉

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