Black Friday? No.


While most don’t mind the brisk start to the Christmas shopping season- I’m walking the fine line between sanity and insanity with all the ads. If I hear/see the term “Black Friday” a few more times (which is likely to be within the next hour or so, I may be forced to cross the line.

If you want to stand in a long line in frigid temps along with 100 others for a $10 blu-ray player that the store has only 5 in stock of- I say have at it. Like a marathon runner- I’d love to pin numbers on you and place bets with the online community to see if you actually outlived a snowball’s chance in hell to get to the register with one.

I guess as I sit here, the idea of materialism still outweighs the value and true meaning of this time of the year. Now I know most folks are charitable, are spending time with loved ones and are baking enough goods to put Pillsbury to shame. I applaud you if you’re doing this also. I will eventually pick up a few items for my Grandmother and my dog for Christmas but the rest of my family and I have sworn off spending money for the sake of buying Christmas.

Although I’ve never done any immediate post-Thanksgiving shopping (notice how I avoided mentioning those two horrible words), I can admit that I am admire the energy and zest most have to climb out of bed at 2am, 4am and other pre-dawn hours to attain more gadgets, more clothing and electronics… more stuff.


9 responses to “Black Friday? No.

  1. Ugh…I really don’t enjoy this time of year because of the craziness out there. Granted, I tend to focus just on my immediate family for gifts, but I am one of those people that simply put a budget into action and whatever I get is what I hope everyone is happy with. I do my best not to buy into the insanity!

    Let the Season begin, huh?!?! 🙂

    • Yes, never underestimate the power (importance) of a budget. Over the years- there is only so much stuff one can accumulate. Hopefully you have a very easy to please family like I have.

  2. On the day after Thanksgiving, I hunker down at home and pretend the world doesn’t exist! We don’t do much for presents on Christmas, either. We have our few special snacks we like on Christmas eve, watch a sappy show or two and call it good. On Christmas, I will attempt another family meal if my nerves hold out. Other than that, we do enjoy baking and giving it to the neighbors and friends. Cheers! Have a good one.

    • Lol, I know you probably fare very well in the kitchen! If your neighbors keep answering the door this time of year- you know it’s all good! I’m the same as you when it comes to Christmas too. I usually watch the public television stations and view as many choir performances as I can stand before going to bed.

    • I imagine the materialism and opportunity for profit on this day has seeped its way around and below the equator. I imagine next year it’ll be slightly worse for your neck of the woods. (Let’s hope not)

  3. Me + crowds = panic attack
    I don’t go out the weekend after Thanksgiving. We’re the most broke we’ve ever been this year. We picked up $30s of gifts for each kid earlier this week. That might be all they get (there are five of them). We only buy for our kids–no other family except maybe my dad (which is usually a picture frame or a mug), no other kids, rarely for each other. Even when we do have money we keep it to $75-$100 per kid. My dad used to spend $1000 each on me and my brother–all money we didn’t have. And we never appreciated it.

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