Shame on You American Shoppers!

Courtesy of Google images.

Courtesy of Google images.


I couldn’t help but chuckle as I read an article among many ones available which all came to the conclusion the American consumer failed to meet the revenue expectations of major retailers across the country this past weekend.

What is wrong with you all?

Why didn’t you all drain every penny, nickel and dime recovered from your bank accounts, available credit limits as well as whatever’s underneath your couch pillows and feed it to their registers? Were the prices still too high? Surely there is some gadget, article of clothing or electronic item that could be yours to give this Christmas (never mind the word Christ in there) only to be forgotten about 365 days from now so you can also fulfill the retailer’s sales goals again next year.

I bet you all sort of took the moral high road by sitting at home with your families and spending quality time the loved ones they weren’t able to force to work either on Thanksgiving Eve, Black Friday or both.

Perhaps some of you have gotten off of the wheel of perpetual degradation into poverty through the temporary satisfaction and instant gratification that modern day materialism brings. In short: maybe we, the American consumer is starting to become more fiscally responsible. In shorter: maybe we all realize we have enough crap. In shortest: maybe we’re growing up.

Here’s to having a quality holiday season. Cheers!


14 responses to “Shame on You American Shoppers!

  1. Well said. I know for me and my family, we’re at the point of saying “We should tell our money where to go instead of having everyone else make their demands on us each month.” Going through Dave Ramsey’s money makeover plan… so yeah, holiday shopping this year is virtually non-existent. Instead I spent the weekend at home with my wife and kids before departing for a few months. (military life, yay!)

    No one (except maybe my 4 year old) felt ripped off or left out. Go figure!

    • Yes, I say spoil your baby before you’re deployed as you definitely have good reason to. She’ll know the difference. May you remain safe and unharmed during your time away. Thank you for your service.

  2. Dear Friend,
    Instant gratification can be bad. If consumers are not spending money buying unnecessary things just because a sale is there or 50% discount offer and is investing the same for right financial goal means his financial literacy is good. I dint quite understand in what perspective u find it NOT OK?

  3. As of this year we seem to have adopted Black Friday over here in the UK, and people went just as crazy trying to get their hands on slightly reduced TV’s, etc. I am sure most of them didn’t even need the things they bought and only picked them up because they were cheaper!

    • Sadly BF is spreading worldwide as everyone is adapting to the idea and savvy practices of the free market enterprise system Walmart, Best Buy and others are profiting from. I do like the idea of Small Business Saturday where they encourage everyone to buy local and support the Ma and Pop stores as well. They may not offer the lowest price but it keeps them in business too.

      • I like the idea of Small Business Saturday as I have always worked in the independent sector of retail, sadly small businesses are not at all profitable in the UK, I have lost many jobs through encroaching corporates constantly undercutting prices to drive out specialist shops.

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