This One’s For the Tough Ones

You've probably seen this little guy a few times on social media. Photo courtesy of Google images.

You’ve probably seen this little guy a few times on social media. Photo courtesy of Google images.


Time for a pep talk and a reminder to the strong-willed individuals who are reading this. If you aren’t strong-willed I hope by reading this you become a little stronger, a little more persistent and every time the proverbial door gets slammed in your face that you pause for only a second in reflection and then head straight for the proverbial window.

This is what I hope you do.

As you know, the world can be a messed up place. I’m not referring to the world in totality- not the large globe the rest of the universe may see. I’m referring to the world through our own eyes, individually. Things happen in our lives great, good and bad and ever so often we get to experience epiphanies that remind us that our comfort zone- is a little too comfortable. We will never be impervious to internal shake-up.

I was fortunate enough to experience one of these blessed epiphanies yesterday and round two today. I can tell you that I’ll go to bed a stronger individual than what I woke up as. I hope if you experience a similar awakening that you too will realize that you are often exactly where you need to be in order to commence the changes that must occur to make your situation (or you) better. I don’t need to go into detail about my experience today but will suffice it to say that I was reminded people will often disappoint you in life and at times words and written agreements will get revoked and go unfulfilled. There may be a time when you are right, when you’ve done everything correctly and yet you’re standing alone.

Never sit down. Never bow down.

I say if you’re doing as you’re supposed to, you’ll often be met with opposition. I say give them all the proverbial finger by not falling into despair and angst and confusion. Use the negative energy by planning how to become better than your old idea of best. Champions are often challenged. You’ll easily overcome because you’ve got something they want. If you don’t know what they want of yours- think long and hard enough and you’ll figure out exactly what it is. Often, it’s something as simple as peace of mind.

Never give up. Recover and recuperate. Go back to the workroom of your soul and fine tune it to make sure you stay true to yourself versus falling into the oblivion of complacency through satisfying others who would never reach out to help you. Never make that area of your life vulnerable again. You are here for a reason and deserve great things. Never, ever second-guess that.


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