Christmastime is not all about Christians


I promise you this: For me, Christmas is not necessarily 100% about the notion of Jesus and the stories told about his sacrifices. I believe in the story of Jesus and I’m not ashamed. I know quite possibly there was a woman and her husband who needed a safe space to give birth and people were generous enough to offer a manger- wise men may have foreseen the good deeds to come and the comfort this individual who was born there, and all the tribulations were yet to come.

I do not argue these facts whether they are true to be known or not. I take comfort in the example that we should all perhaps take thereafter enforcing ourselves to be better people- better persons to each neighbor and stranger we encounter- not today because it is special, but everyday.

A sizeable amount of this example resonates inside me just as I have learned and use the examples and wisdom of the readings of Buddhism and the teachings of Dharma or Hinduism. Believe me, to live peacefully within a Western world these additional perspecives can do nothing but accentuate your belief system and way of living.

To a modern Westerner, whose proven to work longer and harder than other developed societies- most of us are more than willing to acknowledge older, more established cultural practices. Tamil New Year, Holaka and Dessera are major Hindu holidays in the Spring and Fall and I’d be glad to celebrate them for the sake of celebration of anything good thing for any large group of peaceful people.

If anything, there shall be more food. Who could possibly be against that?

Personally, I feel this time of year should be for the gathering of family and friends, especially if you live in the Western hemisphere. We work hard enough and deserve the reduced flow of work to spend with our loved ones.


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