Power in the Multi-tasking Mind


There are times when through example, I’m able to believe without a doubt- the mind is truly capable of achieving many tasks at once. There are days when I’d swear getting through one little thing takes up the mental energy of 2 of me. Then again, like the past few days there are times where my mind has gone to a thousand places, had one hundred ideas and have solved at least 10 different issues and I’m figuratively standing on home plate, bat in hand- ready to knock the next one out of the park (again).

Why such an ebb and flow?

Why can’t I have a moderate amount of willpower and productive brain energy to help me everyday? Why do I have to feel like Hercules in the head just to feel on top of my game? While I’m not referring to anything on the scale of being bi-polar with its trademark manic highs and depressive lows, I’m speaking about the tendencies and timing we as humans have to experience our optimal brain power.

In the meanwhile…

This is a wave I plan on riding out until it dries up and I find myself complaining about the lack thereof. For now, I’ll be doing a ton of brainstorming/writing for my 2nd novel, enjoying the ability to not need to write down a list for much of anything, helping to troubleshoot and problem solve for both menial and complicated tasks around the house and enjoying the complexities/problem solving that my mind often leads me to while I’m in a dream state (because oh, I love to take naps!)

Here’s to you being at your best, mentally! The same power I believe that is at its best right now for me, I sincerely hope is within you, too. God knows we need some form of control in our hectic and problem-centric lives. The least we can experience is the ability to fix them all, right?


The Truth Hurts – Stop wasting your breath

We’re all guilty of this. I know I am. Too often in this dreaded “Age of Information” we’re overloaded with everything but what’s actually important to our own survival. because of it, it’s easy to become less grateful for the more basic things we often take for granted, such as breathing.
Yeah, it’s been a personal reminder to me because someone I know passed away on Saturday who was a friend of the family (RIP, Betty). It was definitely too soon for this beautiful, down-to-Earth human being (I’ve yet to recall anyone I know who’s death was timely).
So yes, as we complain about our inconveniences, our relationships, how much we hate the opposite sex, our jobs (my favorite for now), our neighbors, how much we pay in taxes, those shoes that never fit correctly, what we had for dinner, our in-laws, our crappy cars, how slow the internet is, who won the Golden Globes, the SOTU address, politicians (no matter how rightly so), the weather, our friends and their issues, and why you cannot ever match up all of your socks- let us remember that there is whole slew of people out their who would kill for your problems. That’s right, they’d take you out of your so called misery to enjoy the problems that you are experiencing.

I’m not brow-beating here. Sounds like it though, eh?

This is just your reality check. This is just your permission slip to hit the reset button and be thankful that because you’re reading this you likely have access to the internet which also means that it’s likely you have a higher standard of living versus those who are actually on the brink and thus you should take the day to be appreciative of that feat in itself. Heck, there are people with internet access who are dying as we speak (oh dang!).

Next for your own vexing issues, I’d suggest taking the time in all this gratitude to allow karma to work in your favor by doing something kind for someone else. Be a blessing. If you do this regularly- I say perfect! Do it again and be better at it than before. See if down the road you aren’t paid back because generally, that’s how it works.

As the guy in the picture laying on the table may tell you if he could; your current ‘issues’ may not actually be all that important in the grand scheme of things. 🙂

Showering Habits, Crying Foul

Photo courtesy of RollingStone.com

Photo courtesy of RollingStone.com


I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve dabbled in celebrity controversy … and here I find myself doing the ole ‘smh’ (shaking my head) after watching the story on actress Naya Rivera unfold as yesterday her appearance on The View got a few people’s feathers ruffled because she commented how showering multiple times a day is such a, “white people thing.” Apparently Rivera had to return to the show today to issue an apology.

Really people?

She’s been called a ‘racist’, a ‘bitch’ and every other word in the book of name calling since then.

I conclude that if we could get everyone to be so angry and reactive about more important issues- this world would be a better place. Her husband is white. If she were racist toward whites, why would she go so far to date and marry this man only to unleash were supposed racist roots? If she were being racist toward her own ethnic heritages does that mean she spoke so highly of her own multi-racial siblings and parents because she secretly hates them (even attributing her and her sibling’s talent to her parent’s great sex life- another joke, btw)? Does her words really uncover her internal hatred because of the roles she’s seemingly been cast in (you know, the one’s that earn her the hefty paychecks)?

If I can suggest anything, it’s that people need to relax. No one on these talk show circuits is the authority when it comes down to race and cultural practices. What she said was funny and not backed up by any scholarly research or studies. What she said may actually have some truth, in fact, if white people (well the Greeks, actually) can be blamed for our modern day shower practices then great! I’m as thankful for that invention as I am to George Washington Carver for his discovery of the many uses of the peanut and all the folks involved in the process of creating modern day toilet paper. I could probably find myself thanking every ethnicity for some invention or another and just because she mentions the habits of one it doesn’t mean there isn’t any other ethnicity that takes part in it.

The Need for Change/Remaining the Same


Have you ever felt the need to want to take off to somewhere new? Not just for a vacation but to be amongst different (positive) people and different (positive) things. Where I live we’re in the middle of our coldest season and part of this feeling I’m having is partially due to cabin fever and the other part is due to mental growth.

It doesn’t help much that at work I’ve had conversations with several (like-minded) co-workers and we’ve agreed that up to 75% of the employees within our department are superficial, manipulative and otherwise ‘unloved’- being that they’ve got serious issues they’ve harbored most of their lives and have cultivated them into monsters. Whereas most adults would try to strive to take positive steps in a good direction, they become emotional vacuums and create issues on a regular basis.

Trust me, it’s messed up. Hopefully you’re fortunate enough to not have a clue about the things I’ve mentioned. I’d like to think I’m in the most mentally obscure region in the planet. I’d like to believe these kind of people do not reside anywhere else.

Anyways, this leads me to wonder about life elsewhere. Not a perfect environment but a stable environment where not just my home life is happy but work and every other daily interaction is likely to be a pleasant one. Life is short as it is and I find it disrespectful to waste time on such unfavorable negativity. I’m dying to stay true to my otherwise generally happy-ole-self but in the process: be around people who are satisfied and accept themselves for the way they are and thus can spend time helping others to live happier, more fulfilling lives. To grow in that manner. This way of living is something I’ve always wanted to be a part of. To remove narcissism and the ‘selfie’ aspect from the ‘consistent’ to ‘rare’ aspect of our lives.

To say that my life is more than about myself. Beyond giving life as in motherhood, but to put life into things.

You’ll have to excuse my ramblings today- ha! Time for me to scoot off to the job (pray for me?).

The Best Advice and Sayings


I don’t know what prompted me to write about this. I’m often able to recall pieces of advice whenever I know I’m about to encounter a stressful situation, or whenever a friend needs to hear something helpful to get them through the day. It’s kind of an additional upgrade to the ‘bullshit detector’ we’re born with (couldn’t find another more- fitting phrase).

Some days we find ourselves in the proverbial barn.

Facing reality and being able to deal with problems and hurdles without being stripped of your dignity and will takes time and sadly, real world experience and life is nothing if we do not hold on to the more light-shedding passages that stand the tests of time. While I’m not sure where these sayings come from, here’s a few I can immediately think of:

“All that glitters is not gold” – Definitely true. Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a tribe, deep in the Amazon forest that has forsaken electricity and every other modern amenity, you know we live in the days of instant gratification. There are a ton of people who just want to acquire ‘stuff’ because it’ll make them feel better than the rest of the world. These people are liars. They are in their own little competition- which they should be left to compete in by themselves. It doesn’t take a psychiatrist to see the root causes of their materialism and competitive lifestyle. Nine times out of ten they’ll have more problems and faults than you could write down in an hour-long session. People like this use their possessions as a distraction. They’ll make you feel like their relationships are the best things in the world when they’re just the opposite.

 “If you can lay next to them, I can walk past them” – I’ve said this many times throughout the last decade or so. It applies to relationships in general and is the best way to state your neutrality regarding the mates people acquire throughout the years. It’s how I feel about the match-ups of personalities, sexualities and most other aspects when it comes to couples. It’s not my business to give approval or reject anyone. If they make you happy- I’m happy. If not, then it’s totally your problem.

“No man is an island” – This one probably has the most meaning for me because I tend to be a loner (see my related posts). I love me some peace and quiet but beyond that I’ve come to realize that I can 100% depend on me. I’ve said before that I believe most writers are solitary people or have more solitary aspects of their personality. We need to be in our heads more than the general population, we utilize introspect and that requires nothing more than ourselves and our perception. This saying often resurfaces for me because I often forget to ask for help when I need it- for even the smallest of reasons.

“Hunting ain’t no fun when the rabbit’s got the gun” – This one’s all about the underdog achieving success with something. Sometimes others (the man, whomever) gets too comfortable with power or their authority. Most often this saying is for when the good guys get to prevail. Always makes people around me laugh whenever I say this one.

Those are just a couple that I can come up with that were shared with me from wise minds. Are there any wise sayings you live by that you’d like to share? Go ahead and comment!

Courtesy of Google images.

Courtesy of Google images.

I’m Keeping My Baby! (The Write Perspective)


Today’s Blogging 101 assignment was to edit or recreate your tagline, etc.

I won’t. 🙂

Only because I put a lot of thought into figuring this one out a few years ago. Originally, I wanted it to be a larger website. Well, it ended up becoming a blog instead- which I believe I like better because other independent websites require web maintenance and programming and every time I see one of those college commercials for web design I completely space out.

A web designer is not what I wanted to be when I grew up. I give my praises to anyone capable of regularly using symbols in addition to the letters on their keyboard to enter codes to make a website look a certain way.

I’m still trying to master the few symbols in addition to the 26 alphabetical letters plus numbers in order to make decent, grammatically correct sentences someone will want to read.

So that’s it. No throwing out the baby with the bath water to try for a more catchy tag line. ‘One author’s journey may sound clichéd but it is in direct reference to me and what I’m going through. If there are 10,000 others with the same catch phrase I say, “Cheers and good luck to us all!”

I believe there is still time to join the Blogging 101 challenge, I’ll add the link to some portion of the page here.

See you for tomorrow’s challenge!

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Blogging 101: Re-introduction

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Photo courtesy of Google images.


I’m still wishing everyone all the best 2015 has in store for you all (I haven’t forgot!). While I’m sure you’re like me and are already fed up with hearing the 3-word combination New Year’s Resolution (insert eye-roll) among a few wish list things for the year I did resolve myself to write more often- especially when it comes to blogging. I enrolled in the Blogging 101 challenge (today is the first day and you still have time to join if you’d like) because as a writer (among other things) I want to evolve and become better over time.

So here’s my re-introduction:

Okay, okay, I can’t help but hear a certain song playing as I type away the best description of my being and my intentions. See if the song doesn’t ring a bell!

I’m many things. I’m all over the place (at least in my mind). Some days I’m quiet and some days I’m not, though everyday, I’m thankful. I love to like everyone. I’m someone who figures out every time the temperature drops the disdain I have for the cold. I’m someone who likes not fitting in. I’m someone who appreciates many things like the fact that I’ve communicated so much with my dog and yet he’s never uttered a word. I’m someone who easily learns a lesson. I’m someone who enjoys writing and tries to do it differently. I’m someone who wants to be looked up to and yet still have many mentors. I’m someone who always finds a way to be good to their family and friends.

I am someone.

*** Hopefully that helps give you a little idea of who I am. The rest you’ll have to find out over time. I forgot to add that I’m also someone who doesn’t appreciate constant narcissism so that last paragraph was a hard task.

I’m hear to blog because I like interacting with others who simply want to express their perspective. In the eight months that I’ve had this blog I’ve had tons of pleasant conversations and interactions with people who, in a general sense pretty much want the same things I do. That’s the best part. No journal kept on a nightstand could bring such a reward! Even though we blog about different subjects, I find myself liking mankind a little more because I get to share and see content from the most aware, diverse, intelligent group of people- bloggers!

As far as blog content goes, I am a writer of apocalyptic zombie horror (see related posts) but that’s only a part of what I’d like my blog’s content to consist of. I’m partially inspirational, partially pop-culture, partially poetic (in a sense) and hopefully not 100% boring.

With that being said, welcome and nice to meet you (again)!

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Photo courtesy of Google images.