Can We Love a Little More?


Happy New Years to you. I hope this year brings the opportunity to move yourself in a positive motion, forward. Really- I want this year to be significant for you, in a good way. It’s sad to think this year how many people we’ll lose and memorialize and mourn. It’s sad to think of all of the hurdles and conflict and tribulations and uncertainty and such. We know we’ll likely deal with ailments and illness, perhaps an unfortunate accident that we’ll thankfully get to heal from, otherwise you’ll be mourned and memorialized like I already mentioned. Do take care of yourself and not be afraid to not take risks on behalf of granting yourself a little more longevity. It’s okay.

With the dreadful stuff out of the way… I want to look forward to flowers, and sunny days even though where I live we’re in the beginning of winter. I want to blissful and avoid hatred of most things (I refuse to not hate cancer and tragedy though). I want us all to see and be a part of the upside of life because life is only temporary. I want us all to no longer feel held back by things we cannot control. Make a plan B, C, D, E and when you run out of every alphabet- start with the numbers which are infinite and realize you’re never out of options. I want us all to be respectful of our capabilities and use them to make our lives better and minimize the damage done to others. I want us to be honest with each other- truly. I want every one of us to love more and feel more loved and if you don’t feel you can be these things- I want you to start making those plans. I’ll send my well-wishes to you for that ability.

Love more. Be more. Create more. Enhance your life more. Start with small blessings that’ll lead to larger ones. When you’re able- be an undeniable blessing to others. Random acts of kindness should be at the top of your list this year. It is on mine. I’m looking forward to saving someone’s day.

I trust you already. I know you can do this.

January 2015, it’s okay to reboot.


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