Blogging 101: Re-introduction

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Photo courtesy of Google images.


I’m still wishing everyone all the best 2015 has in store for you all (I haven’t forgot!). While I’m sure you’re like me and are already fed up with hearing the 3-word combination New Year’s Resolution (insert eye-roll) among a few wish list things for the year I did resolve myself to write more often- especially when it comes to blogging. I enrolled in the Blogging 101 challenge (today is the first day and you still have time to join if you’d like) because as a writer (among other things) I want to evolve and become better over time.

So here’s my re-introduction:

Okay, okay, I can’t help but hear a certain song playing as I type away the best description of my being and my intentions. See if the song doesn’t ring a bell!

I’m many things. I’m all over the place (at least in my mind). Some days I’m quiet and some days I’m not, though everyday, I’m thankful. I love to like everyone. I’m someone who figures out every time the temperature drops the disdain I have for the cold. I’m someone who likes not fitting in. I’m someone who appreciates many things like the fact that I’ve communicated so much with my dog and yet he’s never uttered a word. I’m someone who easily learns a lesson. I’m someone who enjoys writing and tries to do it differently. I’m someone who wants to be looked up to and yet still have many mentors. I’m someone who always finds a way to be good to their family and friends.

I am someone.

*** Hopefully that helps give you a little idea of who I am. The rest you’ll have to find out over time. I forgot to add that I’m also someone who doesn’t appreciate constant narcissism so that last paragraph was a hard task.

I’m hear to blog because I like interacting with others who simply want to express their perspective. In the eight months that I’ve had this blog I’ve had tons of pleasant conversations and interactions with people who, in a general sense pretty much want the same things I do. That’s the best part. No journal kept on a nightstand could bring such a reward! Even though we blog about different subjects, I find myself liking mankind a little more because I get to share and see content from the most aware, diverse, intelligent group of people- bloggers!

As far as blog content goes, I am a writer of apocalyptic zombie horror (see related posts) but that’s only a part of what I’d like my blog’s content to consist of. I’m partially inspirational, partially pop-culture, partially poetic (in a sense) and hopefully not 100% boring.

With that being said, welcome and nice to meet you (again)!

Photo courtesy of Google images.

Photo courtesy of Google images.


9 responses to “Blogging 101: Re-introduction

  1. I always enjoy your posts, and I’m looking forward to more!
    There are some interesting blogs out there, and I’ve noticed the ones that are the most successful are the ones that offer something to someone…
    …kind of like yours does, in terms of offering perspective, advice (Granted, I was partial to your eye-candy post) and commentary in a way that people can consider in their own lives.

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