The Need for Change/Remaining the Same


Have you ever felt the need to want to take off to somewhere new? Not just for a vacation but to be amongst different (positive) people and different (positive) things. Where I live we’re in the middle of our coldest season and part of this feeling I’m having is partially due to cabin fever and the other part is due to mental growth.

It doesn’t help much that at work I’ve had conversations with several (like-minded) co-workers and we’ve agreed that up to 75% of the employees within our department are superficial, manipulative and otherwise ‘unloved’- being that they’ve got serious issues they’ve harbored most of their lives and have cultivated them into monsters. Whereas most adults would try to strive to take positive steps in a good direction, they become emotional vacuums and create issues on a regular basis.

Trust me, it’s messed up. Hopefully you’re fortunate enough to not have a clue about the things I’ve mentioned. I’d like to think I’m in the most mentally obscure region in the planet. I’d like to believe these kind of people do not reside anywhere else.

Anyways, this leads me to wonder about life elsewhere. Not a perfect environment but a stable environment where not just my home life is happy but work and every other daily interaction is likely to be a pleasant one. Life is short as it is and I find it disrespectful to waste time on such unfavorable negativity. I’m dying to stay true to my otherwise generally happy-ole-self but in the process: be around people who are satisfied and accept themselves for the way they are and thus can spend time helping others to live happier, more fulfilling lives. To grow in that manner. This way of living is something I’ve always wanted to be a part of. To remove narcissism and the ‘selfie’ aspect from the ‘consistent’ to ‘rare’ aspect of our lives.

To say that my life is more than about myself. Beyond giving life as in motherhood, but to put life into things.

You’ll have to excuse my ramblings today- ha! Time for me to scoot off to the job (pray for me?).


9 responses to “The Need for Change/Remaining the Same

  1. When people stop being racist at work and give up the paranoia others have it out for them, things can improve. But until then, folks can complain about the 75% all they want – it won’t stop until they change THEMSELVES. We’re there to heal the sick; not deal with unnecessary drama. I admit there are days I go to work miffed but wouldn’t you if you’re constantly harassed and taken advantage of?

    All that aside, great entry as usual. 🙂

    • You’re correct about people needing to change themselves. You’d think that with all the attention people give themselves it’d be easy to make the necessary corrections, and move forward. We live in the days where one person’s flaws become everyone else’s problem to deal with.
      Could you be referring to reverse racism?
      Either way, I’m sooo ready to get away from it all.

      • And I agree with what you’ve said. I would love to see things change for the better. I mean, who wants to work someplace that just gives them grief? But there’s a severe lack of compassion in our department. If only people would stop judging and hear both sides of the story, I think there would be a lot less breaking people up into percentages. Of course that would mean folks would have to stop with the name calling and learn to sympathize with one another. I guess it’s easier for them to point fingers than to listen. Sorry to turn this into a mini-debate. You’ve honestly given me much to think about and I thank you for sharing your opinion. I hope I didn’t say anything that offended you. 🙂

  2. Believe me, I know you work around folks in a different area (and thus a whole new set of problems). What we have though is a lot of people who are going through the classical case of “burn-out” and I feel at this point for most, it is irreversible. I hear about it every single day.

    You’re not offending me, you’re simply expressing your experiences and conclusions. 🙂 Thus no “mini-debate.”

    There is a ton of childish behavior that I’ve never witnessed before the last few years and yet only read about in psychology courses that define certain personalities and abnormal behavior. The name calling that goes on in our workplace is a symptom of such. It is unproductive to say the least. And the percentages thing I came up with because I believe with what I know of certain folks that their morals and belief system is indeed weak and “superficial”. Instead of utilizing a decent set of morals- some people there tend to ‘buddy-up’ with the troublemakers/pot-stirrers/insert-your-own-word here because they are willing to have pseudo-friendships (to avoid becoming a target), you know the whole, “if you can’t beat them, join them” attitude which in essence encourages things to continue on this path.

    Some of these people know that if they can use others to help manipulate certain aspects of the work environment, they can easily get away with whatever they want. It’s the whole idea of keeping the negative focus on others to avoid being scrutinized, themselves. They can be liberal with all kinds of things regarding their own behaviors but when it comes to others they are quick to point out the slightest wrongdoings. Perhaps even crying foul- ahead of time when no wrong has been done. For that you’re right, there are two sides to every story.

    (There may even be three sides: side A, side B, and the actual truth)

    Believe me it happens. It happens often. I’ve heard it being joked about very recently.

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