Letter To: ‘The Humble’ (“Letter To” Episode #2)

Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss. Humble,

I appreciate those instances where you thought of the things outside of yourself. You acted kindly or helped someone out and when the time arrived for your recognition and honor you chose not to place greatness on yourself but instead used the opportunity to remind others there is a greater purpose in your good actions. Beyond being thanked, which is a perfectly normal gesture, you suggest you’ll keep doing the things you do because the world needs you to. You’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing.

You’re not here to gain from or exploit the world. You live within your means so as not to cause strain on anyone or anything.

You’re the exact opposite of ‘attention-seeking’ and you’re opposite of the definition of a capitalist; you have no need to benefit from the things you do. You’re able to let karma return to you in whatever fashion you’ve expressed and your own expectations for it are rare in existence.

You’re still remarkable.

You may or may not want to pat yourself on the back but for right now, I’m doing that for you. We, the rest of the world needs you.


Someone Who Cares for the Humble

Image courtesy of Google.

Image courtesy of Google.


Letter to: ‘the Perfect’ (“Letter To” Series #1)

Dear, Mr./Miss/Ms. Perfect,

We stand in awe of you (not, really).


The Rest of the World

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Photo courtesy of Google images.

Goddess/God For a Day

Courtesy of Google images.

Courtesy of Google images.


I’ve been reading and watching a lot of the news lately. I was trying to be an adult and keep up on local, national and world events. If you know me personally you know how I abstain from watching news broadcasts in the same manner I’d use to avoid the plague. Most older people around me shake their index fingers at me in disagreement whenever they find out about this particular quality in me. “You need to know what’s going on around you.”, “An informed adult is a responsible one,” and so on, are the many things I’ve heard.

You don’t know what listening/watching to the news does to me.

I’m still responsible.

Hearing about different things- most which tend to be negative over even a short period of time does something to my psyche. I don’t know about you, but there’s something about finding out ‘things’ that has the power to place me in a state of slight paranoia. Hearing about downward financial trends, layoffs, crime- even if it has nothing to do with my region tends to subtract from my “at ease” state of mind. I decided that I do not like this feeling and prefer not to live in a complete bubble of joy but rather limit my intake of regular news-viewing. Where everyone else can go on about their day or evening- I worry still.

I’m the type of woman that watches something from PETA and won’t be able to eat meat products for a month.

Are you like this as well?

That brings me back to the title of this post. If you were granted “Goddess/God status” for only a day and could change a few things- how would you use that power? What changes would you make? I know individually we already possess these powers (on a smaller scale) and can in most cases make simple changes to enhance our lives. Possessing such a great power would mean more than saying, “I would end hunger,”  but rather it would mean perhaps enabling vegetables and other greenery to survive in more harsh conditions. Of course I’d want to put an end to cancer and crime but I’d also want to enhance the lives of what already works. If I were Goddess for a day I would spend time going around to appreciate the under-appreciated and yes there’d be a wide variety of vegetable/plants that would suddenly be able to grow and bear fruits in the Sahara. Perhaps I’d create a new species of plant whose leaves would grow plentiful and taste like steak- just to give the cows a break. Would I grant myself a new car? Nope. Instead, I’d grant the life of a million miles for my 12 year old truck- it only has 78,000 so I’d be good to go. 🙂

Go ahead, tell me what you’d do.

Courtesy of Google images.

Courtesy of Google images.

Kind Acts

tom hanks


While browsing through the news stories I found a blurb about a stranger doing for a celebrity what I thought was a normal thing but apparently with the saturation of negative news being the main focus- it was an act that should be applauded. A man found actor Tom Hanks’ credit card on the street and he returned it to him. Tom Hanks posted a public ‘thank you’ on Twitter and it went viral. You can read the story about it here.

Now, I’m not upset he posted his gratitude in such a public manner as I’m sure he thanked the man personally as well but this reminds me of a question that was posed by one of my psychology professors years ago, which sums up the reaction of the public about positive outcomes. Why is this such a big surprise that someone decided to do the right thing, instead of wrong? Our society has been so primed to expect negative outcomes- it was likely more in our assumptions a headline would read, “Man Buys $50,000 of Stuff with Tom Hanks’ Credit Card” versus the actuality of it being returned. I am sure as you read this you can think of many kind acts you’ve encountered or performed yourself when someone else needed you to step up.

I would think it’s all a matter of perspective. Some see the negativities of the world overshadowing the good so when good occurs- it’s more of surprise while others the opposite. What do you see?

Out of Our Hands


I haven’t done a celebrity commentary in a while (see article on Renee Zellweger), but I wanted to chime in on the recent comments made by Michelle Rodriguez when it came to the casting of roles in the remake of films in regards to superheroes: something about minorities ‘stealing’ the roles of previously ‘white’ supperheroes. You can read the point of the article here.

Here we go again….

The actors cast are no at fault- regardless of color (ugh, this again).

This just goes to show that the issue of skin color is still prevalent because it seems the actor cast for the role apparently must still match the color of the graphic cartoon- to a “T”.

It reinforces the idea of a linear approach to acting and further adds to the pressure to conform to an ideal about a person and thus limits and restricts the opportunities that other aspiring (or successful) actors/actresses might have at doing the job they love and may even be good at.

Last I checked, none of the ‘minority’ actors/actresses (who still happen to be human beings) were the ones producing the need for casting calls for which other ‘minorities’ or genders of actors and actresses who would show up to audition and eventually be cast in. This attitude Rodriguez perpetuates, I feel places us in a backward motion and generally I feel opinions like this should be kept in someone’s thought-process. Yes, use that filter we were taught as responsible as thought-provoked adults, to use.

As actors/actresses, their agents are responsible (if they haven’t gotten the calls directly) to audition for certain roles. No coalition I know of exists that functions with the purpose of casting roles to minorities that previously were solely available to change the storylines so it appeared like they came from a different race. I say that because it’s common for actors to have work done cosmetically- so they look a certain way (e.g. nose jobs). It’s done so they can conform and look more appealing to casting directors and producers.

With Michelle Rodriguez being a minority herself, I’m surprised to hear of these words coming out of her mouth. I may agree that there needs not to be a campaign to make a black or Chinese (or any other race) version of every Marvel/DC Comics superhero or character but I would suspect and hope that she’d be a little more supportive of the evolution and concept. Perhaps Marvel (a much larger entity) and others are trying to grab the attention of other demographics? Perhaps they are trying to reinvent themselves because current supporters are looking for something different within the characters the comics have created already.

I’m not entirely disappointed in her comments. I’m pretty much still a Michelle Rodriguez fan- I just expected less commentary on such a sensitive issue- especially since the issue of race and skin color has been media bait for the last few years. Nothing good can come from national or celebrity commentary. We need to let progress occur at local and community levels. We need for the public to interact with each other. Heal in that way. She has a right to her opinion but I’d assume it’d be one less harsh of any potential co-worker and cast-mate.

So while I can appreciate the discussion she had (because something is better than nothing to form public opinion) we, the public could use more inspiring comments in regards to such topics. As an A-list actress (or anyone in the spotlight at the time) I suspect you’d want to communicate to the public in an aspiring and inspiring fashion. Perhaps she shouldn’t contribute to either side of the discussion.

Rodriguez did issue an apology to rectify any misconceptions but the same cautions to define what was said could be taken initially so no apology would be needed.

Or, you could always say the best phrase on the planet for most celebrities: “No Comment