Kind Acts

tom hanks


While browsing through the news stories I found a blurb about a stranger doing for a celebrity what I thought was a normal thing but apparently with the saturation of negative news being the main focus- it was an act that should be applauded. A man found actor Tom Hanks’ credit card on the street and he returned it to him. Tom Hanks posted a public ‘thank you’ on Twitter and it went viral. You can read the story about it here.

Now, I’m not upset he posted his gratitude in such a public manner as I’m sure he thanked the man personally as well but this reminds me of a question that was posed by one of my psychology professors years ago, which sums up the reaction of the public about positive outcomes. Why is this such a big surprise that someone decided to do the right thing, instead of wrong? Our society has been so primed to expect negative outcomes- it was likely more in our assumptions a headline would read, “Man Buys $50,000 of Stuff with Tom Hanks’ Credit Card” versus the actuality of it being returned. I am sure as you read this you can think of many kind acts you’ve encountered or performed yourself when someone else needed you to step up.

I would think it’s all a matter of perspective. Some see the negativities of the world overshadowing the good so when good occurs- it’s more of surprise while others the opposite. What do you see?


3 responses to “Kind Acts

  1. I expect humans to do the wrong thing because in my experience they normally do. But I also don’t come from a nice area where people can find credit cards and think “I am going to take the time to find this person.” 🙂

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