Letter to the Competitive (‘Letter to:’ Series #5)

Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms. Competitive,

I know you would love some complement regarding your ability to out-wit and out-do most people you know. I wish there were some minor trophy I could mass produce and hand out to acknowledge your minor accomplishment but really I (and everyone else) was too busy living our own lives to give a damn.

We’ve figured out this God-awful trait in you and for the most part, we no longer care. It was painful enough to have to write this letter as is. This is something we discuss about you behind your back. It’s pitiful. It’s something we may have divulged to you in some sort of secret way but you failed to pick up through casual conversation. No one cares that you shop more than the rest of us, or that you exercise more than the rest of us (seemingly only when others pick up the activity) and yet manage to broadcast on social media. No one cares to see that you can out-wit, out-garden, out-bowl, out-clean, out-cook, out-recreationalize and out-do the rest of what everyone else manages to regularly do in the normal span of a day, week or season. In your mind it seems to work out that way you are a champion. Reality is often a different place though.

Given it seems it’s what you need- you have our permission to pat yourself on the back.

Most of us don’t care that you are the way you are. We simply roll our eyes, laugh and live out our normal lives, sans your drama. I’m simply only noting it here for this purpose.


The Rest of the World




Anticipation is the most anxiety producing thing I know of. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. The very catalyst of desire and ownership is built upon the fabric of those moments before thing come into fruition.

It should be classified as some energy force.

I sit here waiting patiently for my novel to be released. No, not even released but some figment of a release date and I ball my fingers in anticipation for the ready so I can play the part of the author that I’m so needing to play in order for the world to know my work is ready for their enjoyment.

I was told by my publisher soon.

I know it’s a long process and other author need their chance. I just need mine as well. Thank God we aren’t selling houses and cars and the fact that folks can buy more than one or two or three- which leaves the market wide open and less of a rat-race. Thank the literary Gods  for that.

Thank God for blogging to keep me satisfied until the moments when the public has access to my storytelling work in that capacity.

Thank God also for the passage of time and the ability to acknowledge when that time has arrived.

Staying Connected

Guilty! I almost never use one of these. Image courtesy of Google.

Guilty! I almost never use one of these. Image courtesy of Google.


I am one of those people who has a lot of family members. A lot of them are on Facebook and other social media outlets. I thank the media Gods for allowing me to let them know I still care about what’s going on in their lives. I’ve lost the ability to remember the names and birthdates of the children of my siblings and cousins. I can only partially guess the months of certain relatives as it stands. It isn’t because they are less important. It’s because the list often grows. Before you know it, their kids are getting their driver’s licenses, graduating and are reaching other appropriate milestones and the important days of their lives dissipate into the fog of the collection of days seen among every other calendar.

I try my best to stay connected to them and let them know in my own little way that they are still special to me and I’m thankful for their existence. I feel the same way towards friendships and other connections I’ve built along the way.

Let's face it. These are the easiest methods. Image courtesy of Google.

Let’s face it. These are the easiest methods. Image courtesy of Google.

I’m wondering how you manage to stay connected? Are you on the phone a lot, send cards and other stationary (snail mail- which I still do) or do you use your computer, tablet or smartphone to keep up with them? Do you (without the help of notifications) forget, as I often do?

Courtesy of Google images.

Courtesy of Google images.

Time (a lack thereof)


Oh, I love blogging. I love it. I love it. I love it. There’s something about being able to transfer some of the thoughts in one’s mind onto an electrical device, internet capable that then enables another individual to either happen upon it or to subscribe to purposefully read it every instance the author decides. It’s marvelous, it’s grand, it’s…. hard to maintain.

In the words of my grandmother: “I’m not complaining, I’m just explaining.”

I feel that most of the time management philosophies are bologna- I find it hard to believe they wrote them (or better yet sell them) with a straight face. Some days I feel it’d be easier to ask for and be granted more hours in the day than to adapt to some of their suggestions. It’s even harder to express to a non-writer how difficult it is to be able to blog more. Don’t get me wrong I still average about 1 post every 2-3 days but I feel if I had more time I could actually research things and perhaps specialize a portion of blog to help enhance people’s lives more than just from a conversational aspect.

I enjoy this aspect though- conversing back and forth with others. I do love this and would prefer to be able to do this versus becoming some huge, formal blog space where comments are mostly never replied to. I’m saying I’d love to be fancy but I do appreciate exactly where I’m at, as well.

I’m an author, writer, daughter, sibling, dog-owner, hospital worker, someone’s girlfriend and generally a lover of non-writing free time- I simply wish there were more hours in the day. Everything and anything that’s done well in any aspect- requires time and dedication. I’d like to request more of that please and thank you.

Am I the only one?

Courtesy of Google images.

Courtesy of Google images.

Letter To: ‘The Successful’ (“Letter To” Series #4)

Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss./Ms. Successful,

Congratulations to you and your accomplishments. No matter how big or how small the dream- evidently you were able to cut the mustard, took a calculated chance and managed to come out on top. The rest of us are happy and for some there may even be a little bit of envy.

Whatever it was you made ‘yours‘- I would like to hope it didn’t come at a high price of someone else’s efforts and existence. If it did, I hope it is 100% positive and will pay itself forward through your continued actions. Now you know I had to go there. You know it’s in my best interest to keep you dignified and to keep it ‘real’ with everyone who may read this also. I hope did not sell even a tiny part of your soul and I certainly hope you didn’t manage to ‘sell-out’ for whatever success you achieved.

A lot of people bust their you-know-what’s to make it in this world and if you did, you of all people should know how important it is to stay grounded. It’s important to know how many others may have sacrificed their happiness (or their life) just so you can be where you are. I don’t care if you were just successful at finding a good parking spot- you have to realize someone had to actually leave it so it could be available to you.

Some people will be successful at simply surviving another day or maintaining their sanity- that’s important too. Y’all should definitely read my other “Letter-to’s” I’ve probably already given you your props. I’ll suffice it to say once again- you’re still here for a reason. Look at the news and see the other countless lives that were given up on just this day- not to mention who went yesterday or who’ll go tomorrow. You’re alive enough to be reading this (I humbly thank you). That makes you eligible to be considered a success.

I hope you never forget where you came from. You can safely bet the next 10 minutes of air you breathe that I won’t forget my beginnings either.

Courtesy of Google images

Courtesy of Google images

Letter To: ‘The Weary’ (“Letter To”- Episode 3)

Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss. Weary,

I may or may not know you- or what you’re weary from but in general thoughts whatever it is that wears you down, it’s time to upgrade your outlook. You may be exhausted from your home life or in near pieces from your line of work- either way, it’s brought you to a place where you’re not nearly 100% yourself. You’ve probably noticed a change in who you are. Most of this change is gained from experience while the rest is likely a defense mechanism that’s been slowly built in like an unwanted accessory. It’s probably changing you, your values, what you enjoy and your ability to even experience enjoyment.

Image courtesy of Google.

Image courtesy of Google.

It’s a rotten set of cards you’ve been dealt.

Don’t worry, most of us get that hand at some point. Some more than others.

I want to remind you to stay loyal and true to yourself so that even though you’re a parent or a trusted leader, worker, sibling, a large responsibility was placed on you for a reason. Many others may know and see your struggle and have wondered how you lasted so long? You have to tend to yourself first so that you can have the strength to deal with the things you may not or cannot walk away from.

It’s okay to talk about it- trust me, more people will understand than you think. It’s not considered bitching if you’re truly at your wits end. The right people will have time for you.

Think about it. Image courtesy of Google.

Think about it. Image courtesy of Google.

It’s okay to take some time and space for yourself to allow the ‘reset’ button to be pushed. Some things cannot be cured with just a Saturday and Sunday away. Monday is always to follow.

May I suggest meditation?

Can I tell you- you’re only human?

Where ever you are, which ever situation you’ve only been barely dealing with. I encourage you to face it and figure out how to make yourself a better soldier for the war. Sometimes we all need to allow ourselves the opportunity to focus on (wait for it…) ourselves. It’s not being selfish. I mean, technically it is- but this is a good thing. It’ll allow you to attempt to become a better spouse, leader, employee, parent, sibling, son/daughter, tennis ball guardsman, dandelion picker… whatever you’ve been called to task for.

Sometimes all we need is a little bit of a different perspective. Sometimes we need a total overhaul change in our lives. Just so you remember it is your life and one of the most important things is to maintain it.

Image courtesy of Google.

Image courtesy of Google.