Letter To: ‘The Weary’ (“Letter To”- Episode 3)

Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss. Weary,

I may or may not know you- or what you’re weary from but in general thoughts whatever it is that wears you down, it’s time to upgrade your outlook. You may be exhausted from your home life or in near pieces from your line of work- either way, it’s brought you to a place where you’re not nearly 100% yourself. You’ve probably noticed a change in who you are. Most of this change is gained from experience while the rest is likely a defense mechanism that’s been slowly built in like an unwanted accessory. It’s probably changing you, your values, what you enjoy and your ability to even experience enjoyment.

Image courtesy of Google.

Image courtesy of Google.

It’s a rotten set of cards you’ve been dealt.

Don’t worry, most of us get that hand at some point. Some more than others.

I want to remind you to stay loyal and true to yourself so that even though you’re a parent or a trusted leader, worker, sibling, a large responsibility was placed on you for a reason. Many others may know and see your struggle and have wondered how you lasted so long? You have to tend to yourself first so that you can have the strength to deal with the things you may not or cannot walk away from.

It’s okay to talk about it- trust me, more people will understand than you think. It’s not considered bitching if you’re truly at your wits end. The right people will have time for you.

Think about it. Image courtesy of Google.

Think about it. Image courtesy of Google.

It’s okay to take some time and space for yourself to allow the ‘reset’ button to be pushed. Some things cannot be cured with just a Saturday and Sunday away. Monday is always to follow.

May I suggest meditation?

Can I tell you- you’re only human?

Where ever you are, which ever situation you’ve only been barely dealing with. I encourage you to face it and figure out how to make yourself a better soldier for the war. Sometimes we all need to allow ourselves the opportunity to focus on (wait for it…) ourselves. It’s not being selfish. I mean, technically it is- but this is a good thing. It’ll allow you to attempt to become a better spouse, leader, employee, parent, sibling, son/daughter, tennis ball guardsman, dandelion picker… whatever you’ve been called to task for.

Sometimes all we need is a little bit of a different perspective. Sometimes we need a total overhaul change in our lives. Just so you remember it is your life and one of the most important things is to maintain it.

Image courtesy of Google.

Image courtesy of Google.


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